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1 28th June 11:41
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Default The Evidence is OVERWHELMING , the Australian police simply DONTcare who commits crimes AGAINST Muslims

Hi Family and online friends , are you aware there is an online
criminal /stalker who seems to be using facebook details to try and
silence or embarrass ME into silence

Im not sure who or WHY they are doing this childish but criminal act

I assume they THINK that by abusing anybody I contact , they will

Its often used to disrupt my online activity on a group called
Aus.politics or alt.religion.islam

where it is supposed to be politics or religion discussed , but the
racist criminals use to attack , threaten and abuse those who wish to
debate real topics , even STALKING the family and friends which is a
CRIME , the australian police choose to ignore

These criminals assume they can flood the groups with vile filth
racist threats lies and slander , to SILENCE those who challenge

Its very childish , and nobody even READS much of their endless
repetitious and mindless abuse

its very very childish , I normally ignore them completely , but as
they are now using YOU , my family and friends to attack ME ,
indirectly , you too may like to REPORT them , Iv tried , and police
wont do a thing as usual , but they MAY if others complained , and
eventually we can have the racist criminals arrested and jailed

My latest report to police has a number
10/572673 , was made on 15th feb 2010

You may simply IGNORE the racists endless crimes , and eventually
they tire and wander off to attack their next "VICTIM " , if they
don't achieve their desired outcome, they do eventually wear out and
look for pleasure attacking some other defenseless individual that is
intimidated by their bully boy tactics

They shout with great "GLEE" and double the abuse , if they find out
you or I are "upset" by their attacks , it only ENCOURAGES THEM ,
but there remains only one way to stop a psychopath , and thats by
permanent removal from society

YES it is childish or probably insanity or both , but that's what
happens online , we can enjoy the benefits BUT there are some

NOBODY bothers to read THEIR filth and EVERYBODY who does check soon
realizes its an attack with NIL credibility , they actually help
identify its "THEM" who is the real crim or s*** bag criminal /
terrorists , and they prove my messages are being noticed or they
would not ' invest " thousands of hours hacking my messages with their
vile filth and abuse

NOBODY takes THEM seriously so don't worry too much

as you KNOW , those who matter don't believe such filth

Those who DO read or believe such crap are simply not worth knowing

it is OFFENSIVE , but so much so that almost NOBODY reads it past the
first few lines

They ONLY "win" by upsetting you and or most likely ME , and or by
driving away rational debate

I DONT let them " WIN " , indeed to a certain extent Im proud THEY
feel the need to ATTACK and silence ME

It expose their true nature for ALL the world to see what racists
the "Aussie underbelly" really is like

For all of HISTORY to know what it is really like in australia in
2010 , recorded for all time , so future generations can see what
happened to the hard won gains of two hundred years of hard work that
is heading for a big crash

Those with " half a brain" can see WHO is the good guys and WHO is not
playing fair in an online "group discussion "

Attacking MY friends and family to silence ME , does not help
strengthen THEIR case , and I in no way ever mention my friends or
family names to prove my point , I assume its called good old
fashioned " stalking " , they must have searched to find those who I
know and targeted them for some strange reason , probably by
connecting me to Merrill or to Emily and Leo ,who they seem to "enjoy
attacking" for some unknown reason yet to be seen , probably as they
are pretty easy targets ??? [or they look that way ] but ONLY to
those who DONT know them
The criminals "abuse" ALWAYS use false or stolen emails , so dont
assume they can easily be traced , OR are the person who owns the
email account they use , they often steal ID to post messages , ONLY
the police can trace them , in minutes IF they wished to

The online crims NEVER use their own name or email, so DONT assume
the person who owns the email account , is sending the criminal
threats and abuse

Sadly it seems it is best to simply IGNORE them , everybody else
does ,they eventually give up

It MAY be possibly you have a better chance than I do , at complaining
to police , google clearly does nothing

the coppers said I should simply stop going online , or change my
server / email account

IE ,to let THEM commit a crime , and let ME accept it , thats
exactly what the crims want , and it can only encourage them every
time they succeed in silencing ANOTHER voice they can not defeat with
reasoned debate they BURY under abusive threats and vile filth

Somebody is spending a GREAT deal of time online TRYING to silence
ME , some small satisfaction Im at least worth thousands of hours of
their time ,they really must be sick to bother , naturally I simply
repost the messages elsewhere on other groups

a google of "Merrill" , "Emily" or "Fabian" turns up , many thousands
of hits , names I never use on the group discussions

they really DO want me silenced and are very happy to waste hundreds
of hours trying to achieve it , and help PROVING who the " REAL"
terrorists are to everybody worldwide , for all time ,anonymously
attacking totally innocent VICTIMS is typical of most GUTLESS little

Thousands upon thousands of endless racist threatening abusive vile
slander filled messages , aimed at totally innocent people , who have
NEVER once even posted a message on Aus.politics in their lives.

sure looks like the desperate "right wing" loonies are back to their
old "gutter tactics" , again
Aus.politics = 1,160 results for merrill johnson.
aus.politics = 9,670 results for emily.
Aus.politics = 1,720 results for leo fabian
NONE of these have EVER posted a message on this group EVER

its called STALKING and it is a crime in Australia to use the internet
to stalk or harass or threaten anybody

BUT Australian police NEVER arrest the many online terrorists who
attack Muslims daily
Tens of thousands of abusive threatening emails over YEARS and not one
charged YET

I will NEVER submit to racists criminal threats or abuse , hope you
too feel similar , we can only store their criminal messages and wait
until we get a REAL police force who will UPHOLD the Australian LAWS

mal fabian , mount barker , south australia

AKA "oldman kangarooistan" online

My latest report to police recently has a number
10/572673 , was made on 15th feb 2010, has achieved nothing

You may choose simply IGNORE them , and eventually they tire and
wander off to attack their next VICTIM , if they don't achieve their
desired outcome , ORyou can save the messages AND report them tothe
police and DEMAND they uphold the Australian LAWS , eventually the
police will be forced to arrest the REAL terrorists

The racist criminals shout with great "GLEE" and "double the abuse"
if they find out you or I are "upset" by their attacks , it only
ENCOURAGES THEM , as if they think people actually read their vile
filth and racist abusive threatening messages

the EVIDENCE is overwhelming the Australian police don't care who
attacks Muslims

, same as they didn't care who attacked Aboriginals or Mormons or
Asians in the early racist hate crimes

hardship builds character as you know , as HEAT toughens iron and
purifies gold , the Muslims are growing stronger by the hour and
justice gets closer by the minute

SAVE the ALL the evidence until we get OUR DAY of justice

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