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Another leftist myth explodes ... the poor got richer under Howard government :D - Mombu the Culture Forum
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1 19th June 16:45
derry rogers
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Default Another leftist myth explodes ... the poor got richer under Howard government :D

}Yeh sure. where these guys get their figures from everything is wonderful?
}And it keeps the liberal voters happy?
}But over the period since the last election has anyone else noticed a
}definite rise in meat, fruit and vegetable prices?
}Milk butter, cheese, cugarettes?

I've noticed the price of cigars to have remained stable or to have
dropped - so no compaints here.

}Must be like the WMD? Ifyou chew aroung with the info lomg enough you can
}come up with anything?
} }
}"ralph" <> wrote in message } .
}> Read it and weep lefties ... another NATSEM study confirms that
}> conditions for even the poorest Australians have improved under the
}> Coalition tax and welfare policies ... even perennial whingers ACOSS
}> acknowledge it
}> [extract]
}> The situation for Australia's poorest families was improving, with
}> their income growing faster than that earned by middle income
}> families, a new study has found.
}> Research by the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling
}> (NATSEM) released today, during Anti-Poverty Week, showed the poorest
}> families were benefiting from a rise in welfare payments.
}> Average income in the bottom 20 per cent of earners rose 18.5 per cent
}> from 1997 to 2004, compared with a rise of 17.5 per cent for median
}> income families.
}> The poorest 424,000 families had an average real disposable income of
}> $554 a week - about 57 per cent of that of median income families.
}> Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) president Andrew McCallum
}> said the income increase was mainly due to rises in family payments in
}> the 2000 tax package and 2004 budget.
}> Single income and sole-parent families with young children were the
}> main beneficiaries in 2000 and large families got the biggest boost
}> from the 2004 budget, receiving a one-off $600 per child tax bonus and
}> an ongoing $600 rise.
}> But Mr McCallum said more needed to be done to ensure the benefits
}> continued to flow through.
}> "The coalition government can take credit for increasing family
}> incomes through higher family payments and its election commitment to
}> boost these by $6 per week for many families," Mr McCallum said.
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