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1 12th March 11:36
pedro martori
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Default dictatorships doomed to failure North Korea,Cuba,Myanmar, and Zimbabwe

Cortesia de : Alberto Luzárraga

NYT Nov 6/03

The speech, [given] before the National Endowment for Democracy, appeared to
be part of an effort by the White House to change American and world
perceptions of the Iraq occupation, describing it in far broader strategic
terms than the ouster of a dictator.

In the speech, the president sought to position the American experiment in
remaking Iraq alongside the United States' efforts to spread democracy in
Asia and Europe after World War II and to bring about the fall of the Soviet
Union. He directly compared what he called his administration's new "forward
strategy of freedom in the Middle East" to President Ronald Reagan's 1982
declaration in England that Soviet Communism had failed.

He identified four nations where he said dictatorship was doomed to failure:
North Korea, Myanmar — which he referred to by its former name, Burma — Cuba
and Zimbabwe, declaring that "these regimes cannot hold back freedom
forever." He predicted that just as Nelson Mandela emerged from captivity in
South Africa to lead his nation, "one day, from prison camps and prison
cells and from exile, the leaders of new democracies will arrive" in the
four countries.

(Cortesía de Alberto Luzárraga)

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