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1 31st May 09:43
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Default Jew plan to sell useless crap!

"Israeli Plan to Shoot Down British Jet - Then blackmail the world into
buying 200 billion dollars worth of useless "Anti-Missile" systems!"

On Tuesday 12 August, British Airways announced that it would shortly be
commencing twice-weekly flights between London, and Basra in southern Iraq.
As many readers will already be aware, Basra Airport is one of the most
dangerous anywhere in the world. Iraq is currently populated by furious
Iraqi citizens packing almost unlimited numbers of shoulder-launched Strela,
Gimlet, and Grouse missiles, with every one of those citizens understandably
itching for a little payback against the American and British invaders of
their country.

Adnan Chalabi, deputy leader of the Coalition Provisional Authority in
Baghdad, made this startling request for British Airways to start operating
suicide flights to Basra. Chalabi is a known asset of the Israeli Mossad,
and is still a wanted criminal in Jordan, where he has been sentenced in
absentia to 14 years imprisonment. Note very carefully that although Chalabi
also invited a handful of local Arab airlines to participate in the Basra
flights, no such request whatsoever was made of any American or Israeli

Just one day later on 13 August, British Airways announced that it was
suspending all flights to Saudi Arabia. BA's decision allegedly followed,
"credible intelligence of a serious threat to UK aviation interests in Saudi
Arabia", and ". a plot to attack a British target, thought to be an
aircraft." All Saudi Arabian airports have some of the tightest security in
the world, certainly far better than London Airport Heathrow, and very few
if any real or even credible "terrorists", other than those invented by the
American and Israeli administrations.

The "credible intelligence of a serious threat to UK aviation interests in
Saudi Arabia", came from the Israeli Mossad in Tel Aviv, who routed the
information to the British Secret Intelligence Service [erroneously referred
to as "MI6"], before it was finally passed to British Airways via the UK
Department of Transport. Note here that only British Airways was threatened,
because every other airline servicing Saudi Arabia before this specific
warning was sent to London on 12 August, is still doing so today without
giving the matter a second thought.

The entire "British Airways" scam is a gigantic and intentionally lethal
sting, being mounted in part to salvage the failing American and Israeli
economies, by forcing all western airlines to buy missile defense systems
for their respective fleets of aircraft at a total cost said to be in excess
of US$200 billion.

Since the first faked missile "attack" on an Israeli Arkia Airlines Boeing
757 departing Mombasa on 28 November 2002, the airlines have managed to
resist massive pressure to buy these incredibly expensive and worthless
systems, but they will finally be forced to comply when large mangled red,
white and blue chunks of a British Airways Boeing 777 are filmed scattered
across the desert near Basra, in exactly the same way that large chunks of
Pan American 103 were filmed scattered across the fields of Scotland back in

If the Iraqis can't or don't manage to shoot the BA 777 out of the sky, then
the Mossad or CIA will do it for them, before artfully blaming the
catastrophe on "rogue elements of El Qaeda operating out of Saudi Arabia."
Both intelligence services will then claim the moral high ground by
reminding Britain of the timely warning issued on 12 August 2003 concerning,
". a serious threat to UK aviation interests in Saudi Arabia".

As with all covert stings, this one has a clear history that can easily be
backtracked by those who are interested. As previously stated this
particular sting started in November 2002 when the Israelis claimed that "al
Qaeda" had bombed the Paradise Hotel in Mombasa, and then tried to shoot
down an Arkia Airlines Boeing 757 taking off from Mombasa Airport. The cover
story was so shoddy that it was scientifically possible to prove the entire
claim a lie...

Full report and pics here:-

Boeing 777 Faces Destruction Overhead Basra, Iraq
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2 31st May 23:54
External User
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Default Jew plan to sell useless crap!

In article <UFB%a.4563$>, lupin88 says...

The mind just boggles!
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3 31st May 23:55
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Default Jew plan to sell useless crap!


I agree. You have to wonder where Strider/Swagman comes up with this crap.


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