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1 16th September 10:14
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Default What is Patiotism - A Dummy's Guide

A Political Party, a Government, and a Country is three different
entities, as I had said. A government can be guilty of unpatriotism
if they are self serving lot. Loyalty to a country is not the same as
loyalty to a self serving government.

A clear line separates traitors from patriots...
During British colonial rule, Americans who rise against the British
crown were labeled as traitors. Today we recognize them as Patriots.

Some famous quotes:

Patriotism means being loyal to your country all the time and to its
government when it *deserves* it. -- Mark Twain

My country right or wrong. When right, to keep right; when wrong, to
put right. -- Sen. Carl Schurz, 18th Century.

A true patriot would keep the attention of his fellow citizens awake
to their grievances, and not allow them to rest till the causes of
their just complaints are removed. -- Sam Adams 1771

When I first entered on the stage of public life (now twenty-four
years ago), I came to a resolution never to engage while in public
office in any kind of enterprise for the improvement of my fortune,
nor to wear any other character than that of a farmer.-- Thomas
Jefferson, March 18, 1793.

"The thing to remember is that oftentimes a government arises that
does destructive things to one's country. For example, though Hitler
was popularly elected in Germany, at a certain point many became
disillusioned with his prosecution of the war and the wreckage it
wrought on their economy and began to think that the government led by
Hitler was destroying their country. The assassins who attempted to
kill him (von Staufenberg bomb plot, August, 1944) could be considered
patriotic because they were trying to save their country from his
government. This case emphasizes that one's country is a different
thing than the government that rules it. Many forget or confuse this."
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2 16th September 18:48
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Default What is Patiotism - A Dummy's Guide

~ yeah so which colonial power you want us to rise up against?
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