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1 17th May 06:11
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Default Eid Fashion-Aarong- Bangladesh Handloom Fashion Design House

Eid Fashion-Aarong

In the line on Bangladesh handloom fashion design Aarong is a very famous
leading fashion house over the mass fashionable people since 1990. Aarong
means a village fair, where craftsman of all trades exhibit and sale their
traditional handicrafts. It helps vitalise the traditional craftsmanship and
find a wider market for their products nationally and internationally.
Aarong has started its journey by a joint venture with BRAC since 1978.
35,000 artisans of whom 85 percent women are engaged in their production

Aarong symbolises cultural and traditional heritage of rural Bangladesh in
art and craft. Many independent cooperative groups and traditional family
based artisans also market their crafts through Aarong. Potters, Brass
Workers, Jewellers, Jute workers, Basket Weavers, Handloom Weavers, Silk
Weavers, Wood Carvers, Leather workers and various artisans with specialist
skills from all over the country come to Aarong for marketing and support
services. Over the years, Aarong has earned a name as one of the finest
rural craft producers and marketer in and abroad.

Aarong is a key exporter of handcraft goods in Europe, North America and US.

At the beginning Aarong widely introduces through homemade products include
pottery, crafts on brass, natural fibre, wood, leather, woven cloth and silk
products, jewellery and a wide variety of candles. Nakshi Kantha (artistic
stitch works on cloth by peasant women) and rickshaw paintings are very
special and famous items.

You will find there all accessories are made by local material such as
coconut, bamboo, jute and others, which is environmentally friendly and
available every where. These are the prime causes for Aarong too clicked in
the general as well as fashionable customers. Besides male, female and
babies garments also include home handloom textiles and handicrafts. For the
coming Eid festival they designed attractive Salwar kameez, Saree, Fatua and
Panjabi with Stylish embroidery, Karchupi, Tai-Dai and Block print for all
ages fashion lovers. You get your desire item in Aarong from 1st Ramadan.

Salwar-Kameez Silk, Muslin, Andicotton Addi, Handloom cotton (800-4000),

Sari with block print and dolar 500-800, Sari in natural dye 2000-3000,
Cotton Tangile and Pabna sari 1200- 1500, exclusive jamdani sari 6000,
muslin sari with diffrent work 3,000-5000, exclusive katan sari
3000-4000. -Anika Farzana
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2 17th May 06:11
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Default Eid Fashion-Aarong- Bangladesh Handloom Fashion Design House

....Eid Fashion - Aarong Dholai for Beggerdeshis:
October 14, 2005

Adulterated iftar items
on sale in Pabna

Adulterated iftar items are being sold at different permanent and makeshift
shops under nine upazilas and those at the upazila and district headquarters
in Pabna exposing the customers to many health hazards.

With the beginning of the Ramadan, a large number of temporary roadside
shops have sprung up and they are stuffed with many iftar items. The traders
are mixing various colours to attract the attention of the customers. In the
afternoon, hundreds of people crowd the roadside shops to buy iftar items of
their choice.

Most of the roadside vendors were found selling low quality iftar items
ignoring the health aspects of the people. Low quality oil and other
ingredients are being used to prepare piazu, beguni, gugni, bundia, zilapi,
chop and other items.

Dr Harun-ur-Rashid, civil surgeon of Pabna, told New Age that consumption
of low quality iftar items would cause various diseases including diarrhoea.

Customers said the prices of iftar items were much high this year
compared to previous years.

The traders dealing in iftar items attributed this year's high prices to
high cost of oil and other ingredients.
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