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1 22nd April 11:21
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Default So it was hindu Partha, not Hirkatul Jihad !!

So it was hindu Partha , not Hirkatul Jihad!!

Monday August 30 2004 17:02:41 PM BDT

Nazrul Islam

Is more surprise to come yet with further neutral investigation.

Simple question, who would plan to kill Sk Hasina and why?

Hirkatul Jihad is possibly not a suspicion anymore but some ulterior forces who
could use the name of any islamist party or make a new one and blame it to

How about BNP? reason ? it will be suicidal for them as it will bring more
unrest and damage their image,besides Sk hasina is not so popular that BNP has
to resign immediately or near future.

Jamat? no valid reason, Sk Hasina is not a threat to them at this stage .

Indian RAW ? reason causing unstable Bangladesh, so it can dictate the fragile
govt maybe sent its Army to protect chaos like in Srilanka.

Underground communist group who has formerly done several times? to avenge AL
maybe not to attempt killing Sk Hasina.

Sk Hasina herself? Like she did in the past, ref "Amar fashi chai", justify
inciting unrest in the country, unifying insignificant opposition alliances.
A plan which went bit out of control!

There may be more in the list but not definitely less.
Other points I have noticed during the sad incidence are as below,like to put
it for open discussion, as ofcoarse whole of my write up.

If the intension was to kill Sk Hasina , she was a much easier target during
her Public speech not after.

Firing at her expensive state of art bullet prove car was for what? (Everyone
knew it was bullet prove.)

Mr Z.Rahman would like to know the killer more than anyone else in AL, so would
we, Hartal and emotional and irrelevant speech will only help protect the
criminals.Ofcourse also expose motives and credibility of the political
leaders, journalist and columnist of our country.

Nazrul Islam
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2 23rd April 06:52
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Default So it was hindu Partha, not Hirkatul Jihad !!

2717 killed in 8 months
By M. Jahangir Alam
Aug 31, 2004, 13:30

Killings in the country due to violence, political antagonism, mass beating
and other reasons increased in the last eight months of this year compared
to the situation prevailed during the same period of last year.

According to Bureau of Human Rights Bangladesh (BHRB), a human Rights
organisation, some 2717 persons were killed during last eight months between
January and August and the number is 174 higher than last year. The figure
was 2543 persons in 2003.

At least 165 persons were killed in 572 incidents due to enmity among the
factions in the political parties during last eight months while the figure
was only 90 in 231 incidents in the same period last year.

Some 158 persons were killed in 326 incidents of mass beating between
January and August this year while 105 persons were killed in 196 incidents
during same period last year.

At least 59 persons died under police custody in eight months this year
while the figure was 31 during the same period last year.

On the other hand, at least 330 persons were killed last month (August) this
year, which is higher than the situation in the previous month July when
some 309 persons were killed.

At least 72 incidents of hijacking were recorded in August while the figure
was 96 in previous month (July) this year.

BHRB, in its report yesterday said that 212 persons, including 12 women and
3 children, were abducted, of which seven persons were killed in August
while 74 were abducted in which five were killed July this year.

Some 53 women and children became victims of **** of which 15 were killed
last month, the BHRB report added.

This report was compiled by the BHRB from the reports of casualties in
different newspapers.

Copyright 2003 by The New Nation
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3 23rd April 06:52
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Default So it was hindu Partha, not Hirkatul Jihad !!

It ALWAYS are the heendoos, stupid.
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