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1 12th August 12:52
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Default Three essentials of Eid: TYopi, Tasbih & Jainamaz

The three essentials of Eid
Afsar Ahmed

Eid, the biggest religious festival of the Muslims, is almost knocking at the
doors. And the rituals of Eid won't be completed without Topi, Tasbih and
Jainamaz. Topi: The head apparelWearing a new topi, the prayer hat, on the Eid
morning has a traditional appeal more than religious significance. As people
are getting more fashion conscious, the styles in topi have changed a lot.
Fascination for white crochet topi or shuti (cotton) topi is very common. To
young people, however, colourfully designed topi is more stylish. 'I'll
definitely buy a colourful topi on this Eid which will suit my personality,'
says Milon, who is fascinated by the design of the topi of Brunei's Sultan. In
contrast, Haji Aminullah--an elderly person buying a white Jinnah topi, says,
'The colour white has the charm of holiness and the lure of white topi is
decent, sober and elegant.' Bead dazzledMade of precious materials like ivory,
amber, seashell, turquoise, coral, crystal, even gold, silver and various types
of wood, the colourful and exotic tasbih of 100 beads is the Muslim prayer
beads. Akin to the Christian rosaries, Greek's komboloi, Buddhists' malas,
Muslims have tasbih that originated from Istanbul. Counting the tasbih has been
a part of the Muslim culture. The word 'tasbih' means 'to praise God', 'to
praise God in hymns', and 'to pray to God'. The beads on a tasbih are divided
into three sets by slightly larger beads; each bead stands for one of the names
of Allah. 'Tasbih made from gold, silver, amber, pearl, coral and other organic
materials such as ivory, whale tooth, tortoiseshell, horn, camel bone and wood
including snake wood, ebony, blood wood, olive, rosewood, tamarind, tulip wood,
satinwood, sugar maple, teak and Burmese sandalwood are quite expensive,' says
Kamran--a tasbih seller near the Baitul Mukarram Mosque. 'Artificial beads have
reasonable price starting from Tk. 20 onwards.' Tasbih made of fragrant woods
are kept in closed boxes to retain the fragrance. In Ottoman times, rock
crystal beads were preferred in summer for their cool feeling when touched and
for the play of light diffracted by the facets. Jainamaz: The prayer matTo a
Muslim the significance of jainamaz, the prayer mat, is sacred, blessed and
timeless. But the intrinsic beauty of the designs of jainamaz can charm any
people. Originated in Persia and the Arab countries, floral motifs are the
highlights of the designs in jainamaz. The materials of jainamaz vary from wool
to velvet, synthetic to cotton, and jute. It has an artistic appeal as the
designers and weavers of jainamaz apply their creativity with subtle
imagination. That is why each jainamaz turns into an aesthetic artwork. The
most traditional designs are the floral compositions with an outline of a
mosque embossed in the mat. There was a time when we had our own traditional
jainamz kantha--a rug used for prayers made by village women with magnificent
stitches on it. Although those days are gone, we still have satranji having
traditional colourful geometrical designs on it to use as jainamaz. 'But
everyone likes foreign jainamaz especially those from Iran and Saudi Arabia,'
says Akram, who has an array of splendid collection in his shop. A
comparatively new jainamaz contains a magnetic compass embedded on it that
helps one to identify the exact direction of the Holy Kaaba. The prices of such
jainamaz range from Tk. 350 to Tk. 500. Topis depict intrinsic designs
besides the simple white coloured ones.Photo: Afsar Ahmed
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2 12th August 12:55
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Default Three essentials of Eid: TYopi, Tasbih & Jainamaz

No salary for 18 months
Our Correspondent, Magura

The Eid-ul-Fitr will not bring any cheers for families of 70 employees of
Magura Sadar Hospital as they are not getting salary for 18 months. They did
not get festival bonus also.

The staff staged demonstrations on several occasions and abstained from wok
to realise their salaries, but to no effect.

Official sources said, the 70 employees were appointed in 1998 under a
project to upgrade the hospital to 100-bed from 50.

Sources at Magura Civil Surgeon's office said, the Sadar Hospital was
upgraded to 100-bed in 1995 but the 70 employees were recruited under a
development project on June 28, 1998, two days before expirty of the project

Some of the employees this correspondent talked to said they got salaries
till May 2003, but irregularly.

Since June 2003 they are not getting salary as their appointment have not
been transferred to the revenue budget.

They said employees recruited under same projects in Meherpur, Feni and
Cox's Bazar hospitals are getting their salaries smoothly.






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