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1 3rd September 09:48
it is whom you are referring as
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Default Blessed Are The Peacemakers (Matthew 5 vs. 9)


It is in Life's interest, to not self destruct under the
irrational, unjust, criminal dictates of Our Mr. bush Jr.. But, CNN
and CBC refuse to broadcast the facts of our displeasure with their
contempt for You, our politicians, Humanity, or the truth speaking,
Son of Man, me, as Son to YHWH as shared Creator of all things. Let me
tell you as a friend who only wants free communications, the murdering
bushites, are truly stealing from our families, while polluting our
planet with radio-active nuclear waste as terrorists.


So, What's this then?

Britain: Blair government caught out in plagiarism
and lies over latest Iraq dossier

//Changes that are made are in order to dress Iraqi
actions up in more sinister mode. Thus ``monitoring''
foreign embassies becomes ``spying'' on them and
``aiding opposition groups in hostile regimes'' becomes
``supporting terrorist organizations in hostile


BBC refuses to say sorry over Iraq report


Welcome my friend to the unjust evil bushite enslavement
of Your recognized opinion..

We all KNOW factually, and freely confess without
truthful contention, the UNJUST evil bush and blair,
"***ed up" the falsehoods of a plagiarized essay, then
bold faced lied as they continue today, to hide their
"embarrassment" of indiscriminately murdering our
Humanity for criminal thefts against a just rule of our
god given rights Man. Where was and is CNN's corporate
concern now for US being robbed and murdered in Iraq
today? Should not the Iraqi People be granted the food
and medicine they have all ready paid completely for
through the generous Saddam in comparison? Where is
GOD'S concern for what is scientifically proven to be,
WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, a dangerously radio-active, highly
toxic depleted uranium war crime attack against
ourselves as God in innocence for Generations? The evil
bushites are assaulting, our not being defended,
children's children's children. Where are these brave
men in America I hear so much about in the movies to
protect their own families? Who as devolving fascist
cowards side not to help themselves gain corporate
recognition by supporting the likes of this paper all
the way up at CNN headquarters, falling instead as
enemies of America with their lies on all Nature stands
in God's name, and as the stripes, "We, The People",
trumpets from the stars eternal.

I, for one, as the Lord of Lords, am calling for an
immediate end to heinous injustices committed in bush's
name against God, and am now directly challenging ALL
who think I'm not completely serious about this,
fighting to speak freely as ourselves being alive for
the moment gig as Creator.. Now your messing with a
real godman of God, and additionally, the Standing
Eternal King of Creation, so bow to no one in blind
servitude but in respect for yourself in this presence
is ours equally Universal. There is indeed wonder as
our Universe is also of the unknowable, all of
everything everywhere included, timelessness as forever
seems here and now for You also. So, are you going to
be as those who did nothing while the evil mass
murdering demon bush tried to destroy freedom for your
Humanity as God included?

Respect for ourselves I'm told should surely come soon I
hope. UNDERSTAND THIS, CNN and CBC management, have
continually refused to interview me, or report on my
do***ented to be factual, real world concerns for our
survival as the criminally victimized through corporate
censorship. So according to the FBI and CIA 911
investigations, still not aired by our disrespecting
National News perceivers.


At a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing in
March, 2001, Richard Perle, (you know, from rumsfeld's
unelected secret circle of war criminals), stated
without any collaborative evidence whatsoever "Does
Saddam now have weapons of mass destruction? Sure he
does. We know he has chemical weapons. We know he has
biological weapons. . . . How far he's gone on the
nuclear-weapons side I don't think we really know. My
guess is it's further than we think. It's always
further than we think, because we limit ourselves, as we
think about this, to what we're able to prove and
demonstrate. . . . And, unless you believe that we
have uncovered everything, you have to assume there is
more than we're able to report".


When the should be gone as incompetent, corrupt, and
talentless non-listener bremer, speaks the only reason
american nazi soldiers are falling dead as deaf dumb and
blind comrades, is due to secular loyalists of Iraq as a
People, a people fighting for freedom by representation,
does not then bremer, TRULY, beckon for bush's own
destruction as the enemy he is to US all? Mr. bremer,
the criminal tyrant as traitor of US innocent in Iraq,
the unarrested murderer and election saboteur for
Halliburton through instability by sacrificing more
leaderless soldiers, now openly tells our Soldiers LIES
about why they are DYING for him, bush, cheney,
Dutch-Shell and Worldcom. Mr. bremer's actions have
worked intentionally to increase political instability,
by forgoing his main public tasks of creating dialog and
consensus, and instead, as tyrant dictator, only offers
murder runs on tips from whomever. Pssst.. Kill the
demon bush traders American Patriot Soldier to protect
Your Freedom and our Nations, or serve as cowardly
savages creating more hatred for your bushlike
continuing disrespect of human life, and God as Love.
What is publicly awarding WorldCom tax payers money, but
a further continuation of the secret bushite's criminal
plan, a criminal plan of having US made also without
questions asked, to blindly overpay tricky Halliburton,
Dutch-Shell, along with Suharto and the Pinochet
business partners billions of American dollars in
overhead for nothing, while with what is left as a
pittance is promised for sometime in our future to
rebuild what bush and rumsfeld criminally destroyed,
after murdering so many in New York City with 911, like
Firefighters, and a wise, God loving, Holy Reverend.
Where is the HELP for IRAQ as promised after
victimizations from an imposed criminal dictatorship
that is stealing the resources of US People as Iraqi?
After bombing most public institutions with radio-active
nuclear waste, then encouraging looting while allowing
the ransacking of museums, soldiers still refused to
protect nuclear facilities as the threat we were told
they were going to die for as parasites. To witness
bush bringing further hardships with his inaction in
Afghanistan, and now in God's love, Iraq, brings me to
great anger. To have Iraq worse now falling plundered,
than when Iraq was under the relatively stable, food,
water, and security provisions of Saddam's, who was
communicating, is a further blatant insult to all those
American Soldiers now dead from fighting for something
they could never articulate publicly as bushite slaves
to willful ignorance they bay as the asinine in secret.
While bush tells US as the public, the UN sanctions plan
for spending for the governed on continuing health and
welfare, is something he, and Jay's replacement bremer,
wish to politically appose without question or law?

Walter Issacson, or Aaron Brown's CNN would have US as
this WORLD in Johnny's presence, believe to BE without
any legitimate concern, regarding the franks death
squads, the INNOCENT as God at Guantanamo, or 911's
General Ahmad as the antiChrist's business partner.
Protecting those who murdered thousands of Americans CNN
advocates by refusing to air our concerns by priority.
Actions of unjust wars deserve at least updates. Don't
YOU believe?, you the ignorant as dying bushite
soldier?, have a life worth considering? No? Me,
personally, think American soldiers are largely, a bunch
of mindless dumb****s without leadership, who cowardly
murder the practically defenseless with cluster bombs
for no good reasons as nazi traitors to the American
constitution, but I wouldn't kill you by association if
I didn't have to as all powerful, I'd rather teach the
Nature of Freedom through the equality of Justice for
all people concerned. As God would naturally. Don't
you think I would make for an excellent radio guest?
Say so!

No billion dollar effort is yet underway, to quickly
rebuild the criminal destruction of our civilian
infrastructure, but to further fall our communities to
evil bush's criminal plunder. I ask as Creation, why
should not bush and rumsfeld personally pay with their
lives for their planned continuation of war crimes
against US all instead?

Expect more casualties, warns Rumsfeld

See how evil rotten rumsfeld is. He plays like dictator
bremer is working for the Iraqi People by stealing our
public assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliburton, while
criminally persecuting the unjustly persecuted. Taking
as alleged, from Iraqis as the completely innocent
bremer boasts him and 911's rumsfeld will continue
protected, hiding behind the growing more disturbingly
ignorant as cowardly, uninformed traitorous American
Patriot Soldiers? How long my friends? How long must
Our God wait for One true Patriot to whom we are all
relying on maybe existing, to stand for Justice as
Freedom?, you know, the good old red, white, and blue as
Salutable? Evil bremer tells US he wants to criminally
harm those who tried to make Iraq something better as
secularists in a one party only government, those of
whom we were told, were restrained as victimized under
Saddam's edge as tyrannical. Now bremer, as war crime
director, wants to further persecute ourselves without
public charges? Like in bush's personal america under
ashcroft issues? While demon bush now goals to invite
the corrupt Wahabbi's Vinnell, the repressive Allah
haters, the dark evil side to Jihad, to suffer ourselves
even more hardships against freedom everywhere? How
long must the People of our World die for Americans to
stand up against the bush demon God betrayer? Where are
the CNN and CBC producer voices, (who refuse as
supporters of tyranny, to respond to any community
interaction on our top priority issues) as our OWN
regarding the concentration camps where evil nazi forces
murder our friends and family as the completely

Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US military
interrogation base,1284,909294,00.html

Where are we STILL?, with the LOYAL FBI and CIA 911
investigations made public?, while corporate news
control continues to deny Justice a voice for YOUR
freedom actually dying my friend? I am really the
fictional Son of Man, Johnny Wizard, and bush as
AntiChrist, is actually, for real, actively destroying
Our innocent lives as an enemy to all People, especially
Americans, as they fall further unjustly as victims
enslaved by their own cowardice to stand strong as an
army for love. I, as King, need your help to request I
be spoken of, for by myself, you sound like someone
nobody could care less for. As the benevolent, haven't
asked for much yet King of this Universe, I am
legitimately pissed off with the unarrested demon bush
and his murder rampages against Our Eternal Creation, so
destroy bush for Love my friend, or for Justice as
Freedom, or, for Yourself even as worth something to
consider... please?

10 Appalling Lies We Were Told About Iraq

From: Cheney And The CIA: Not Business As Usual

//"the fact that Cheney's office had originally asked
that the Iraq-Niger report be checked out makes it
inconceivable that his office would not have been
informed of the results."\\

Growing WMD Scandal Could Lead to Impeachment

//The Bush Administration didn't have proof, so they
spent last fall making it up. As Robin Cook, who
resigned from Tony Blair's cabinet over the war, told
the British Parliament: "Instead of using intelligence
as evidence on which to base a decision about policy, we
used intelligence as the basis to justify a policy on
which we had already decided."\\

//GSM Consulting, skilled in stopping oil-well fires and
rebuilding petroleum services, had been told, in a
Defense Department letter dated Dec. 30, 2002, that "it
is too early to speculate" about Iraq "in the event that
war breaks out in the region."\\

Pentagon Iraq Contractor Has History Of Supporting
Terrorist Regimes

Where is America on bush funding criminal enterprises
with our public money, such as with Uzbekistan, or
Haliburton setting their own uncontended double cost
expenses, privately in secret to rob further from a
soldier's tolled grandmom? Does the contemptuous CNN's
continuing silence on bush allowing history's largest
American pension thieves, the unarrested billionaires at
Worldcom, to have criminal privileges over the rights of
the average Iraqi citizen being further denied Justice,
anger you to no end like all the Saints from Heaven
would be also?

From: Guess who's getting a slice of Iraqi pie? The
fraud king, WorldCom

Where is the immediate DEMAND to return Iraq to where we
were before the toxic and radioactive 28,000 bombs were
dropped by the demon bush to let criminally murder our
family, while destroying God's infrastructure, all so
demon bush could include sacrificing dmfkd no leadership
soldiers, while stealing from US tax payers as
unprotected? How long will it be when Americans finally
stand up for American freedom?

I'd destroy demon traitor bush in a second, as any real
brave American Patriot would to be a real Man in God's

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Look, isn't stealing property from a honest, hard
working family in the Likud party's name, then sending
our victimized family with only the shirts on their back
to a refugee camp, a despicable criminal theft,
perpetrated by bigotry disguised as racism against God
ruled unjustly? The Palestinians are Jewish! The
Palestinians are Catholics! The Palestinians are
Atheist as Arabs too! The Palestinians are US as the
neighborhood children of Israel. Wouldn't the great
Judaic teacher, Hillel, condemn sharon straight to
prison?, with his words a living testimony still
relevant today? Or, think, would sharon appreciate we
steal a honest Persons home and all his money, then send
the lot to a concentration camp somewhere for good
riddance? Mr. sharon is the biggest anti-Semite of
history, as king of the Jew haters. Hitler wasn't even
so heinous in his public delivery. See, with Peace in
the middle east, so goes the reason to pay criminal
thugs billions to "protect" US from being robbed and
murdered. The Likud steals openly, property as the
living rights of individuals to be Jews. (And also
tried to blow up the Mexican Parliament as terrorists,
but were caught trying to get away unreported.) In
Israel, the Likud has anti-discrimination laws that only
apply to "jews"! Classifying G-D politically as
unworthy participator! When being REALLY Jewish,
includes especially, History's beautiful black women in
Ethiopia over the last 1800 so years as longed, but
never forgotten. (Hmm... I wonder if they'd let me
come over for a visit as appreciated?)

Anyway, can you give yourself some help here please?


We CAN stop bush with Justice for Freedom.
It's Just, If only americans weren't so enslaved as dying bushites,
that willingly allow bush to rob and sacrifice their own families in
gratitude to his hatred for God and Humanity.

What was the cooperating, communicating, open to our world for
disscussions Saddam doing, that a bushite could remedy by asking? Was
it torturing innocent people to death like at Guantanamo? Or, stealing
pensions like with Worldcom, or Enron? Or perhaps, letting the 9/11
perpetrators escape from prosecution? Maybe, killing his own american

Does the do gooder God of Heaven, hold no place in your heart as

Where is the honor in murdering our children's children, destroying
our civilian public infrastructure, then stealing our food and meager
assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliburton, while dumping radio-active
toxic waste all over themselves as sacrificed DUMB****S, just so
bush, their evil diety, can pocket a few extra thousand dollars for
his re-election campaign?

What do you feel about poisoning American troops for no good reason?
Do you notice, no one can explain why such a poison would be self fed
to the dumfuk cowardly troops? Too weak and stupid to even publicly
discuss the issue.

Why? Because their not real men, but largely illiterate, cowardly,
facist nazi vermin, traitors to their own Family and Neighbours as
they shit on the American flag and all that freedom represents
constitutionally. Echem, bush is still smirking over their life and
death sacrifices for halliburton and Dutch-Shell. Cowards, weak and
stupid, are all proud American bushited soldiers. Too cowardly and
weak to even talk about their own devaluations, while they fall maimed
or dead as bushwhore victims. I'd destroy any proud nazi soldier who
purposefully war crimes our children and families in Iraq and
elsewheres, while serving for the director of Kissinger( Suharto and
Pinocet) Associates, the talantless criminal DICTATOR Bremer, who as
traitor to the WORLD, had arrested those Jay Gardner allowed to start
organizing elections for promised freedoms. (You know?, why Our
American soldiers were told their sacrificing their lives for now
instead of the non-existent weapons evidence?)

CNN and CBC PURPOSEFULLY portray OUR SOLDIERS as having no comments,
or are too afraid as fascists to even public speak out for themselves
and their dead comrads,leaving bush's corporate america to continue
devolving the once great American dream by further open piracy. All in
blind sacrifice for the 9/11 criminal traitor, the American cop
killer, Our Mr. bush Jr., the antiChrist. A puny mortal!

Does the do gooder God of Heaven, hold no place in America's heart as

God could sure use our support right about now.



No one denies that DU, is dangerously radioactive, and highly toxic,
and that as much as 30 percent of the munition oxodizes into
microscopic particles that can be inhaled. CBC and CNN refuse to
address the top priority issue, and would rather leave US ALL to
further for our ignorance. Phone them yourself and hear what evil is,
when no follow up is done to benefit our communities, our police
agencies, or our families.

There was NO REASON to blow up public Iraqi institutions with this
form of weaponry that indisriminately murders for generations. A
conventional bomb would have told the same evil criminal act, but not
included neibourhood children, or cowardly bushwhore soldiers who
refuse to protect their families as their dying flag.


Where is the honor in murdering our children's children, destroying
our civilian public infrastructure, then stealing our food and meager
assets for Dutch-Shell and Halliberton, while dumping radio-active
toxic waste all over themselves as sacrificed DUMB****S, just so bush,
their evil diety, can pocket a few extra thousand dollars for his
re-election campaign?

Missing Weapons Of Mass Destruction:
Is Lying About The Reason For War An Impeachable Offense?


FROM "Standing Ground"

"Why would bush and rumsfeld not want to arrest the
perpetrators of 9/11 I ask you cowardly nazi american
bushwhore victims?"

Learn About Depleted Uranium From The US Army's Expert on Depleted
Uranium (DU)
Text of Dr. Doug Rokke Speaking in California, 21.04.03


Humanity never took to the demon bush's performance, of excepting his
faulty conclusions on our intelligence services position through the
Iraq situation. Now, we're expected under corporate news control to
further deify bush into blindly believing the actions taken so far,
for US people over there in Iraq, have been somehow in our benefits as
the unseen. While the terrorists of Dutch-Shell, and the repeatedly
convicted for massive fraud against the American People without handed
prison sentences, Halliberton, caters to the pirates at the Iraqi
Can evil bush or rotten rumsfeld explain to anyone publicly the
declaration founding the Office of the Coalition Provisional
Authority, OCPA, (Used to be ORHA, office of reconstruction and
HUMANITAIRIAN ASSISTANCE) the colonial regime now criminally occupying
the country, stating in its preamble that it "will help alleviate
dependence on humanitarian assistance", while as of yet, no concerted
effort has been waged to restore stability to the Iraqi people with
the basic necessities for life, uncontaminated air, clean water, and
their own food Saddam already paid billions “of his own
money” for. Let us DEMAND by gun point from bush or rotten
rumsfeld about how privatizing Iraqi assets through piracy, is
anything else but another act of treason against Humanity, committed
by the sacrifices of American soldiers as dmfukd without real
leadership.. Let US hear from mass murderer bush how WE were mistaken
by his lies as our God's suffering and dread. Why do the bushites at
media controls support silence regarding OURSELVES as the INNOCENT at
Guantanemo? Where are our voices for supporting further instability
in Iraq to kill American Patriot Soldiers, so the likes of death squad
funders Shell, and cheney’s alter, halliberton, can profit off
YOUR living, unjustly sacrificed? Don’t look to me as your
cross, look to yourself as this Universe is God as ourselves being
victimized. As Creation, we are calling for Your Universal Freedom
through Justice, but if you help nothing to your plundered neighbors,
who needs you then in your missing conclusion? ****, I can’t
help hate that God hater demon bush as much as any real Atheist would.
We are suffering by deliberate censorship on our top priority events
up there without US at CNN headquarters to speak on the bush demon and
rotten rumsfeld’s blatant evil treason to all of our Humanity.
Which includes yourself too, as a misinformed, 12 hour work day
alcoholic with a mortgage payments overdued, getting away to relax
from growing pressures by escaping with fantasy in film, a popular
hobby that doesn’t directly address our real world plights
falling further by corrupt bush doctrine though, a practiced act of
lawless murder as wanton destruction against our innocent families.
Is it that nothing is no matter of war as so serious, that it requires
ongoing challenges with investigative journalism for America in
servitude? Where is the bush bio-trucks follow up? Where is the IAEA
report as all the false evidence bush would use to war ourselves
blindly to steal our money? Is not stealing homes from G-D
un-Jewish? Just what is Fox News selling US as an honest portrayal of
freedom surviving? Is it to witness ourselves as elected officials
disenfranchised from participation in our own living futures and
ability, but for to be counted politically incompetent as victim to
further criminal transgressions? Uncontested to our graves by CNN's
Bill Hemmer, or CBC's Barbara Budd who give no excuses to anyone for
their silence of contempt for our dying futures? Phone them yourself
and ask why they forbid our knowledge from being acknowledged. Our
media services should be helping garner support for our causes
politically speaking, by airing our political news developments. When
bush and rumsfeld needlessly drop radio-active nuclear waste on our
public institutions that served our communities interests, then bill
US further to rebuild what they criminally destroy, the poison kills
US all. For no good reasons, bush has America suffer, with this,
bushite feigned delusional ignorance on everything of critical
importance to US, portrayed corporately as unawares to hide
bush’s ill will for all as the denied humans. With the
subsequent growing overall perception world-wide, of American
cowardice to stand against huge injustices against God committed
openly in their names politically pirated. As I said, mentally
deranged bush is evil himself, and Patriots need to find the faith in
yourself to believe we need you.


King Johnny

Standing Ground

What was Saddam doing that we could have fought for
betterment by simply communicating over those who
couldn't care less as criminals? Left sacrificed for
the lying evil bushites, stealing our resources that are
God's thank you for a job done well. Our praise for
Love. The evil pirate bush is leaving our friends and
family dead broke as murder victims unfactored
politically speaking by corporate news censorship. The
corporate bushites are depicting Americans like they
have no concern, or would have, regarding the NEEDLESS
radio-active contamination of "The People" as top
priority news material, never mind God's uncounted
innocent suffering for bush in other realms, while YOU,
yes YOU, reader, are left continually denied to PUBLIC
newscasts for openly challenging ANYONE who agrees with
the falsehoods we're being force fed, regarding bush's
murder rampages as a terrorist harbor, and 9/11
perpetrator. An American cop killer is Our Mr. bush
Jr.. Newsweek reported that bush doesn't want Americans
to know he was personally warned of an imminent
terrorist act, involving a suicide run high-jacking, of
which after warning Ashcroft to stay off of commercial
flights, devised an invasion of Afghanistan plan with
General Ahmad, Condoleeza, and others, to blame bin
Laden for some new crime, that had yet, no evidence
connected to. Something new and BIG to start a war
against Afghanistan with. For Enron. Just prior to
9/11. Secretly. To throw away innocent lives. Like
American soldiers as practically brain dead already.
The atheist General already KNEW no evidence would be
criminal intent against Allah as all People. Example:
With any evidence for say, the Cole bombing, would have,
if existed, garnered Laden's deportation by the American
flag waving Justice supporters, and spoiled the labored,
top secret Presidential Directive evil bushite plan for
criminal invasion of our world body politic (revealed by
MSNBC). As was so threatened by the bushites against
the Taliban would happen, (Niaz Niak) for not siding
with Centgas and American pension thieves Enron, and
instead, as the Taliban had done, gone for the better
business offer from Argentina's Bridas. Had any
evidence been brought out publicly by bush against
Laden, his arrest and public trial would have been
assured. Living does order so, no contest, but no..
the false deity criminal demon bush, actually said we
didn't need to follow the criminal leads to protect
Justice and Freedom, then told US to take off our
thinking caps, while he and cheney worked as traitors to
stop outstanding questions by refusing to listen to
American freedom fighters, including the FBI and CIA
investigated conclusions made public, but ignored by
Arron Brown, or super dweeb Bill Hemmer. Mr. Bush's
business partner, General Ahmad, according to the FBI,
was directly connected to the funding of 9/11's
mastermind, Mohamed Atta. That's right. Mr. Bush's
invasion strategy of Afghanistan, and 9/11 are
intimately connected through the General who was
smoozing with bush's secret inner circle, two days prior
to 9/11. At the WhiteHouse. Getting ready to perform,
the invade Afghanistan without any evidence plan.
Confessed later publicly as to why he was there then
ready. An invasion that Blair told us couldn't have
happened, but for the lucky, world trade centers
incident. Get your life in hand Soldier, and destroy
Our unarrested Mr. bush Jr., or, continue to turn
against your own comrades and family while unjustly
dying as a cowardly betrayer to God's America, and
freedom to all everywhere.

What does the classified Defence Intelligence Agency's
complete assessment summarized for the Pentagon
regarding Iraq in Sept 2002, "THERE IS NO RELIABLE
information on whether Iraq is producing and stockpiling
chemical weapons" tell you? Or Greg Theilmann, a
recently retired State Department intelligence ****yst,
directly involved in assessing the Iraqi threat, saying
that "there is a lot of sorrow and anger at the way
intelligence was misused". Or how about rumsfeld's
personal private intelligence team, (two three four or
five not publicly elected, secret saboteurs of public
accountability) of having "cherry-picked the
intelligence stream" to make it seem like dying American
soldiers make for good war profiteering? Or Vince
Cannistraro, former CHIEF of the CIA counterterrorist
operations, describing intelligence officers who blame
the Pentagon for proffering "fraudulent" intelligence,
"a lot of it sourced from the Iraqi National Congress of
Ahmad Chalabi." Chalabi who gave out millions of earned
dollars in bad loans to himself as banker, then quickly
fled the country of Jordan as disappeared, before an
investigation had even formally begun? Finally, how
about 35 year veteran, Colonel Doug Rokke, Ph.D. as the
Senate commissioned Army's foremost authority on DU
toxicity, of which he will tell you Soldier as a
scientist with tools for measurement, DU is needlessly
killing American service People for our lack of concern
for ourselves at corporate news control. No reason to
be dying! Are not American soldiers, American people to
CNN also?

Again, Saddam pro-actively gave the world 100% access to
anywhere unrestricted, to complain or make better
anything, and offered the national Iraqi airwaves to
bush personally, to state his contentions to want mass
murders against ourselves as the innocent. No Iraqi, or
American soldier was needed for sacrifice, but only to
let Halliberton take more than is bargained from The
People as victims. American, and Iraqi. It has also
been reported the bush administration, particularly
Powell, would have likely known secretly, that the
widely praised Kamel, you know, Hussein Kamel, the
foremost authority on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction
programs?, indicated to UNSCOM in 1995, with his records
he stole when he defected, the WMD were destroyed for
good reasons. The 1.5 tons of VX sited, predates 1991,
and HAD a viable shelf life of no more than eight weeks,
while provided in part to Saddam, CRIMINALLY, by
american associates to steal more innocent lives.
Bremer? Never mind the fact recently disclosed, again,
that the reason not all can ever be accounted for, is
the years old burnt remains haven't revealed exact
quantities of anthrax. Therefor, the UN, couldn't give
Iraq any benefit, no matter what, never could, under
bush dictates, STILL, and, bush is now wagering,
Americans must continue to ignore American principles,
all recent history, including everything he said two
weeks previous, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights,
GOD, and suffer as sacrificed cowards to the further
criminal dictatorship of Our foolish Mr. Bush Jr..
Where was Kofi, or Blix to speak of the unfairness of
the bushites impossible requests on disclosing illegally
provided american savagery? Where is Kofi to speak for
US People being poisoned by radio-active depleted
uranium as anyone? ANYONE! Now we have the UN refusing
to protect the interests of US Iraqi People, by letting
the demon bushites seize criminally all assets, while
formally proclaiming through the UN uncontested, the
tyrant bush won't be accountable to any rules of law,
when it comes to accounting for our stolen money. Or,
like karma, American tax payers secretly paying
Haliburton 490 MILLION overhead, without free market
protections, on top of fifty thousand a day salaries,
ALL because nationally, THEY're willing to go silently
as censored while bush robs from US "People" way over in
the Far East somewheres. Did you hear of Powell, quoted
stating, "There were weapons of mass destruction in
Iraq. It wasn't a figment of anyone's imagination,"?
Of course that is not what is, or what was disputed
factually, or at issue, so, Powell reportingly followed
up to cover his intentional inacuracy with risking
American lives by splurting further, "What we have to do
now is not get trapped in the long-winded debate about
what was known and not known,".

We knew we were right, before we were wronged.

Let us throw in Powell for public trial also under
treason Along with bush, rumsefeld, blair and franks,
and maybe too, cheney, for looking so suspicious.
Nature's natural progression for humanity is to
intelligent progression by collective design with our
freedoms in the balance through laws, or death by
regression through failures to communicate against
irrational, unjust acts openly perpetrated in our names
as forfeited, under Our evil Mr. bush Jr., the for real
demon antichrist, figured in disguise.

You are now christened as someone who has read of the
great once secret, true American Patriot, pleading for
help to save God as ourselves,

Johnny Wizard

P.S. Do you think you could find it in your dark heart
to forward myself through OUR media, to instigate lively
debate, or perhaps spare a paltry five minutes of help
for your own survival by instinct? Is it just too much
to ask you as a fellow human being, to help US out with
a true care for living? Call out on Justice to save one
as worthy to hear Nature's praise, or don't, and
deservingly fall to US as deceived blind traitor, a
betrayer like bush to yourself and Humanity's family, as
all of Creation is this Universe as God's Son too. Oh
Yeah way!


Learn About Depleted Uranium From The US Army's Expert on Depleted
Uranium (DU)
Text of Dr. Doug Rokke Speaking in California, 21.04.03

We Used To Impeach Liars - By William Rivers Pitt



So, well... that demon bush doesn't seem to want to
stop murdering US for his own personal criminal exploits
with rumsfeld, eh? One bomb-shell after another depicts
the demon bush as a traitor to everything the American
flag once represented, but do we see the CNN celebs
reporting impartially on behalf of the neglected
suffering American soldiers falling DEAD as expendable?
being NEEDLESSLY contaminated by radioactive nuclear
waste to further profit from de-valuating THEIR own
ACTUAL stolen lives dying? Corporate american soldiers
being left measured as valueless, along with a few
thousand generations of our victimized families?,
weighed unworthy to the huge corporate savings of
recklessly dumping hazardous waste on US all as Humanity
for the bushmob to sinisterly smirk as Our enemies?
Enemies of my Father who Art in Heaven? Or, is ALL of
America just as CNN illustrates by censorship and the
propaganda of silence in contempt, infested with
pervasive cultist bushwhore nazi irrationalisms, truly
dying cowards sacrificing their OWN brethren for the
evil bush demon to further plunder God as all People?

The Internet, a bastion of Freedom, indicates Our Mr.
bush Jr. as the most despised as hated, war criminal of
all recorded History. (Googlism's world renown A.I.
engine names 'bush' as anti-christ scientifically, and
might soon name me, Johnny Wizard, as a never ending
expletive.) Name a proud soldier in bush's america, and
I'll show you a dumfuk functional illiterate, a sadistic
war criminal who attacks the defenseless and innocent,
or a treasonous as cowardly, anti-American bushwhore
victim, dying in contempt for themselves as worthy of
consideration. Just like most corporate american
political ****ysts refusing, so far, to report on such
things as NEWSWEEK's Revelations on Hussein Kamel, show
a generalized refusal of corporate bushwhore america to
stand up for American principles, (like with the FBI or
CIA 9/11 investigations), Justice for US all included.
We learn now, the one man more sited by the bushmob for
allegations of unknown secretly hidden from everyone,
(including Saddam), weapons of mass destruction, in fact
testified the contrary in 1995, that all the weapons he
was in charge with, were actively destroyed in 1991 by
himself as the head of the programs being
de-commissioned. NOT STRATIGICALLY VIABLE. Just as the
judicial evidence collected to date has indicated, and
reason would surmise. Information that Powell would
have known of for sure, like the reverse engineered
rockets, for he sited Kamel's undisclosed testimony, and
as it turned out, luckily, Kamel's entire recorded
transcript, was only a mere 7700 or so odd bytes in
ASCII. Then now, NEWSWEEK again, in their June 3
edition, have even further brought Freedom closer as
potential, by divulging that demon bush, has formally
requested certain facts regarding his and rumsfeld's
complicity to 9/11, also be shrouded in secrecy ....


"Classified: Censoring the Report About 9-11?

Bush officials are refusing to permit the release of matters already
in the public domain--including the existence of intelligence
do***ents referred to on the CIA Web site.

By Michael Isikoff


Why would bush and rumsfeld not want to arrest the
perpetrators of 9/11 I ask you cowardly nazi american
bushwhore victims? Where is Afghanistan's promised
liberation from heroin addiction? Vinnell is the
private company repressing women as US People criminally
in Saudi Arabia for decades, like Dutch-Shell and
Halliburton would profit off your repression as a slave
anywhere also, and you do not call up your friends in
the NRA to make a stand finally in honor of Life,
Liberty and the dying American Dream? Remember the rest
of the Constitution about the ``We, The People'' part?
Like US over there in Uzbekistan being stolen from with
harder earned American work dollars used to terrorize
ourselves as the victimized innocent with? This is your
life the demon bush is wagering as a mass murdering war
criminal, so why do you not call the radio talk shows to
by hung up on as a continuing spectacle? Why these
DeeJays refuse to air an American Soldiers concerns for
survival is beyond me as Creator. How about you? Is
dying for bush as victim of continuing devaluation
through corporate support of his criminality, a
sacrifice your willing to take silently all the way to
your grave? As a secret coward and BETRAYER to
Yourself, life, God, and me also?

Holy crap.

Paul Bremer. The director of Kissinger Associates. You
know, Kissinger Associates, from Iraqgate fame. Illegal
supplier of Saddam's WMD to kill Americans with? The
BNL shyster, death squad runners? You know, Kissinger?,
General Pinochet, and Suharto's pal, and murderer of
tens of thousands of American soldiers for rising
Vietnam weapon sale contracts? Paul Bremer, Mr.
unbelievable, the parasite that holds Kissinger in high
regard for paying him with drug money as this world's
most widely known terrorist recruiter, stated that he
personally, Paul Bremer, would revamp Iraq's pesky
universal education and deprived health care systems,
while blatantly, in broad daylight, rob the central bank
of all it's deposits to pay wages to only the
oil-ministry workers so Dutch-Shell and Halliburton
could **** the Iraqi nation of it's resources by paper
work from in posh offices wherever, and while we weren't
looking there either, privatize it, then trail of with a
history of suggesting any nation that has a terrorist
supporter, should be nuked with him in charge of the

But why not just arrest the bad guys to US all by
evidence to conclude so rightly instead? Like outlined
in the Bill of Rights, or Declaration of Independance?
What would it be my American friend, kill millions of
repressed Americans with billions of their stolen
dollars as weak pathetic cowardly losers being robbed
and taken as granted into slavedumb, or fight for
freedom by demanding the cop killer bushmob be
immediately brought to Justice by military fire power?
Will American Patriots hunt the evil bushmob down as
actual criminal traitors to American law?, or for trying
to pull a sharon in Iraq with the intent to de-stabilize
the nation further by persecuting tens of thousands as
second classed citizens without evidence because, they
served in the public sector for the Iraqi people?, Under
Saddam that we were told over and over, (with old film
footage to prove it) would murder anyone for suggesting
a national oil company that profits the People saves
Iraq for a better future? See? the bushwhores sell US
it's okay for cheney's company to rob from the Iraqi
People with no competitive, democratic processes, when
it comes to spending America's hard earned wages being
left undefended. 490 million in overhead taken with
just the Halliburton AMERICAN GOVERNMENT secret bush
contract alone on seven billion, while charging Uncle
Sam, fifty thousand per person,per day as Halibertan
fire starters. Paul Bremer? The guy who only two days
after 9/11 as the chairman of the National Commission on
Terrorism, (being at the very least familiar with the
first WTC attack being connected to a splinter cell,
rogue element in the fbi who supplied the actual
explosives, (common well do***ented history)), suggested
a, without legal consensus, war of blind agression
against poor people anywhere, instead of seeking out the
capture of the actual individuals responsible, like
bush, rumsfeld, and...? Well well well.. The Lord
certainly does work in mysterious ways eh? We notice,
that not even the National Commission on Terrorism, of
which Bremer chairs, could find nothing to indicate he
has any accomplishments worth mentioning in the fields
of economics, health care, nor, apparantly, knows
anything of freedom when it comes down to his criminal
plans made public to persecute thousands in Iraq as the
innocent he would probably still spew like a Likud if
asked for clarification as a ***** traitor to God, and
on all we stand strong as united. Bremer is a bonafide
terrorist under the FBI's own definition, and a very
serious threat to American security interests don't you

Now the profiteering as a mass murderer demon bush, is
suggesting small nukes to kill indiscriminately is a
good weapon of choice to further threaten all of
humanity with? As if more than a thousand tons of
radio-active depleted uranium, that upon explosion,
oxidizes as small as a tenth of a micron wasn't the
biggest, most hanious terrorist crime against humanity
ever since perpetrated so far into our futures? A tenth
of a millionth of a meter. As light as air travels
everywhere? For a potential four billion year assault
against GOD as all living things? Look, my friends, we
all know crime is often rampant in big business, and
anti-hemp laws make no sense for a democracy of ideas
about progress, and not follwing the rules can often be
fun, but directly profiting off the murder of ourselves
is all together something different. I beg you again,
You there Reader, forward this post to every police
agency, fire station, biker club, and PTA you can, to
openly acknowledge a wanting to destroy the bush demon
before he re-offends against all American values to
leave more undefended victims, while helping me get some
public recognition as a going nowhere public performer.
Then we wait, and if his successor escapes the
protections of American law, and starts warring as an
uncommunicative degenerate nazi savage war criminal
attacking our children's children, celebrated by
corporate news services as a false deity of blatantly
evil criminallity, we will kill cheney instead then too
as a traitor he plainly is. Sound like a good plan?
What do you think soldiers? Should Enron pay back the
money they STOLE from American Pensioners? Or, is it
too much effort to demand equal say for youreself
getting older and wiser included?

Your King of the Earth as Saviour,

truly is,

Johnny Wizard

Down to an Art

So, bush told US he wanted to improve the Iraqi living
standard, but yet still, no IMMEDIATE return to the
standard of basic necessities is being demanded or
fought for with urgency. The bushwar according to thief
bush Jr., is over now that he can overcharge Americans
secretly for whatever, like the health of contaminated
soldiers represented worthless as truly dying, then
bushwacked again, to be overcharged from prices on no
competition public disclosure contracts, with wasting
further investments of Iraqi's Capital as our human
interests, being again, devalued as ignored. Why are
the commi mass murdering bushmob partners paying
themselves hundreds of millions of taxed public dollars
in overhead, to manage a made desperate Humanitarian
disaster in bush's evil Name as the unarrested? Why was
radioactive depleted uranium, and cluster bombs used
against the innocent?, as our Family? Why isn't our
rebuilding money being allocated to hire Iraq in on the
deal for as buyer? Why is not the food aid previously
paid for, and ample supplies of health care initiatives,
being brought in by the truckload for international
festivities? Where is bush Jr. to defend himself on
these VERY GOOD Public demands of Johnny as Saviour?
Where is bush to thank You?, and convince we have it all
wrong on his criminal war tirades of death and
destruction against our innocent selves not represented
fairly? Mr. bush Jr., the antiChrist, is a war
criminal of talentless ingratitude to the rewards of
living manly. A corrupted degenerate of ignorance as
evil is what bush Jr. takes US for unjustly granted.
As never before witnessed in history, so meticulously
do***ented as factual, is bush an enemy of the US, as
People everywhere. Why does the bushmob regime refuse
to protect The Declaration of Independence, or The Bill
of Rights as timeless testimonials? How could possibly
pip-squeak bush Jnr steal from God the stars up high and
flying proud, and not believe that his true stripes,
would get him good for fibbing to US clouds included?
To wit, for the bushmob is leaving devolving American
Rights as forgotten ancient knowledge, sacrificed to be
as granted through contempt for the Human Spirit, and in
all of what we possess for potentials living godly as
Nature. I just hope we're here to help ourselves
somehow eventually... or maybe our future just goes
extinct from neglect of our failures to communicate?,
who can say.

Freedom to me, is not only for the bushites to rob our
world blind of Justice, as left for dead broke not
speaking any longer, it is also evidently understood, we
want as anyone else does, an ability to succeed through
life's challenges for happiness. To continuing survival
by defeating blatant evil stupidity with evidence to
conclude our crucial national news material. Calling in
for simple reason for bush's murdering action, must be
demanded as the good guys winning. The human species
should be known as humane, not dialogued in passing, as
an almost forgotten footnote on the illness of
"bushitism" in a fringe Universal Galactic Federation
study session of Life's pitiful failures in the Milky
Way galaxy. "too weak politically to care about their
own devaluations as bushite victims they shouted dying",
"Spooky". "Ya... they were treated politically as
outcasts, not worthy of listening to as freedom dying

I don't want to see our world destroy our world as the
unjust bush demon is a tyrant war mongering mass
murderer, while CNN's Arron Brown and Larry King report
nothing wrong with remaining unbiased. Unbiased on
sacrificing American lives for bush's lies, greed and
hate, while all the while, feigning ignorance of calls
for recognition through equal representation of Justice
as measurement.(Everyone agrees, radiation can mutate
DNA, and evident findings are required to form guilty
conclusions.) To have Ourselves not represented present,
as CNN's public concerns to complain about such things
like, Social Security, radioactive depleted uranium, or
the persecution of ourselves as the innocent at some
american gulag reported outside of jurisdiction,
clearly, borderlines treason as accessories continuing
to ignore the facts on the bush regime's criminal acts,
perpetrated in Your name too G. Why doe CNN refuse to
Present a dying Patriot Soldier's concern, regarding
cancers given to our Nature by evil bushmob dictates as
criminal? Instead of protecting bush's america, CNN
should be broadcasting in defense of America as God's
country. For truly, the unjust bush demon is our enemy
of Freedom, as a purveyor of suffering to all Peoples
left undefended, until...

What Christ would be here... Then we'd really have
something to war the evil bushites over..

Did you know, bush's business partner, General Ahmad,
allegedly, according to FBI sources, funded the 9/11
"Mastermind", Atta, but the General, still, has not been
reported as arrested, or publicly questioned by American
public officials on the significance of such direct
criminal connections. See General Ahmad, with
Condolezza, suggested in strategy, evidence should not
be supported as available, if the bush regime wanted to
steal BILLIONS to invade Afghanistan over a crime
beneath our rules of conduct regarding Justice for
America. A criminal plot that hadn't yet happened to be
known of, but, that the General was in secret meetings
regarding..... the 9/11 Presidential Directive Plan,
existing again, two days before September 11th 2001,
and, confessed to as fully implemented by the White
House to MSNBC, after the facts occurred and the secret
plan went public without much fanfare as ground

Who is watching for interest, when We, the media say
they compete for attention to promote our air-waves
without us there for our say as contributors? Is not
secretly trying People guilty without evidence made
public, below the rights of everyone freely reporting

What we need now, is a self proclaimed King of the
Universe who would reiterate the bushmob as
incompetents, incompetents who are blindly falling US
dead without good reason to. Our Mr. bush Jr., is an
evil doer unparalleled in ignorance and barbarity, who
exercises no real leadership ability, but to publicly
beg for his own true depiction as traitor.

For the love of living, destroy the demon bush for
treason please.

The Son of Man,

Johnny Wizard


You in with this friend?

Do you remember the "March 7" argument of the bushmob's,
that every expired container of american supplied, Iraqi
anthrax, is needed to be accounted for IMMEDIATELY, do
you recall?, SNIPPED for berevity...
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