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1 20th August 06:09
anonymous sender
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Initiation to the First Degree up to the end of the Obligation
The Tyler prepares the Candidate in a room outside the Lodge room where he
is to be initiated by divesting him of all metal articles. The Candidate
removes his outer clothing until he stands ' in socks, his left shoe,
trousers and shirt only. His shirt is unbuttoned to reveal his left breast,
his right sleeve is rolled up to reveal the elbow, his left trouser leg is
rolled up above the knee and a slipper is placed on his unshod foot. A
hangman's noose is then placed around his neck, the end of the rope hanging
down behind him. He is blindfolded.
He is then led by the Tyler to the door of the Lodge and the Tyler knocks.
The Inner Guard, moving with the prescribed step and making the First Degree
sign, says, 'Brother junior Warden, there is a report.' After several ritual
responses, the Inner Guard opens the door and asks the Tyler, 'Whom have you
'Mr John Smith, a poor Candidate in a state of darkness,' says the Tyler,
'who has been well and worthily recommended, regularly proposed and approved
in open Lodge, and now comes of his own free will and accord, properly
prepared, humbly soliciting to be admitted to the mysteries and privileges
of Freemasonry.'
There follow several repetitions exchanges, the Inner Guard places the point
of a dagger to the Candidate's left breast. He is asked, 'Do you feel
The Inner Guard raises the dagger in the air, and the still blindfolded
Candidate is led by the right hand by the junior Deacon to the
kneeling-stool before the Worshipful Master, who then addresses the
Candidate for the first time.
'Mr John Smith, as no person can be made a Mason unless he is free and of
mature age, I demand of you, are you a free man and of the full age of
twenty-one years?' 'I am.'
'Thus assured, I will thank you to kneel, while the blessing of Heaven is
invoked on our proceedings.'
The Candidate kneels. The Brethren move in the prescribed manner, the Lodge
Deacons crossing their wands above the Candidate's head, while the
Worshipful Master or the Chaplain prays aloud, 'Vouchsafe Thine aid,
Almighty Father and Supreme Governor of the Universe, to our present
convention and grant that this Candidate for Freemasonry may so dedicate and
devote his life to Thy service, as to become a true and faithful Brother
among us. Endue him with a competency of Thy Divine Wisdom, so that,
assisted by the secrets of our masonic art, he may be the better enabled to
unfold the beauties of true Godliness, to the honour and glory of Thy Holy
The Immediate Past Master says or sings, 'So mote it be.'
'Mr Smith,' continues the Worshipful Master, 'in all cases of difficulty and
danger, in whom do you put your trust?', and the Candidate replies, 'In
'Right glad I am to find your faith so well founded. Relying on such sure
support you may safely rise and follow your leader with a firm but humble
confidence, for where the name of God is invoked we trust no danger can
The Candidate rises to his feet with the help of the Deacons. The Worshipful
Master and the Brethren sit. The Worshipful Master then gives a single knock
with his gavel. 'The Brethren from the north, east, south and west will take
notice that Mr John Smith is about to pass in view before them, to show that
he is the Candidate properly prepared, and a fit and proper person to be
made a Mason,' says the Master.
There then follows various ritual motions and the Candidate is led in a
procession around the Lodge. Arriving at the place where the junior Warden
stands, the junior Deacon takes the Candidate's right hand and taps the
junior Warden's right shoulder with it three times. The junior Warden asks,
'Whom have you there?' 'Mr John Smith,' replies the junior Deacon, 'A poor
Candidate in a state of darkness, who has been well and worthily
recommended, regularly proposed and approved in open Lodge, and now comes of
his own free will and accord, properly prepared, humbly soliciting to be
admitted to the mysteries and privileges of Freemasonry.' 'How does he hope
to obtain those privileges?'
'By the help of God, being free and of good report.'
The Junior Warden then takes the Candidate's right hand, and says to
him,'Enter, free and of good report,' and he is led to the Senior Warden,
before whom a similar exchange takes place. The Senior Warden moves to the
Worshipful Master. 'Worshipful Master,' he says, making the appropriate
sign, 'I present to you Mr John Smith, a Candidate properly prepared to be
made a Mason.'
'Brother Senior Warden,' replies the Worshipful Master, 'your presentation
shall be attended to, for which purpose I shall address a few questions to
the Candidate, which I trust he will answer with candour.' He turns to the
Candidate. 'Do you seriously declare on your honour that, unbiased by the
improper soficitation of friends against your own inclination, and
uninfluenced by mercenary or other unworthy motive, you freely and
voluntarily offer yourself a Candidate for the mysteries and privileges of
'I do.'
'Do you likewise pledge yourself that you are prompted to solicit those
privileges by a favourable opinion preconceived of the Institution, a
genuine desire of knowledge, and a sincere wish to render yourself more
extensively serviceable to your fellow creatures?'
'I do.'
'Do you further seriously declare on your honour that, avoiding fear on the
one hand and rashness on the other, you wl ill steadily persevere through
the ceremony of your initiation, and if once admitted you will afterwards
act and abide by the ancient usages and established customs of the order?'
'I do.'
'Brother Senior Warden, you will direct the junior Deacon to instruct the
Candidate to advance to the pedestal in due form.'
'Brother Junior Deacon, it is the Worshipful Master's command that you
instruct the Candidate to advance to the pedestal in due form.'
The Junior Deacon complies, leading the Candidate to the pedestal and
instructing him to stand with his heels together and his feet at right
angles, the left foot facing east and the right foot south. He continues:
'Take a short pace with your left foot, bringing the heels together in the
form of a square. Take another, a little longer, heel to heel as before.
Another still longer, heels together as before.'
The Candidate is now standing before the pedestal, with the junior Deacon to
his right and the Senior Deacon to his left.
'It is my duty to inform you,' says the 'Worshipful Master, 'that Masonry is
free, and requires a perfect freedom of inclination in every Candidate for
its mysteries. It is founded on the purest principles of piety and virtue.
It possesses great and invaluable privileges. And in order to secure those
privileges to worthy men, and we trust to worthy men alone, vows of fidelity
are required. But let me assure you that in those vows there is nothing
incompatible with your civil, moral or religious duties. Are you therefore
willing to take a Solemn Obligation, founded on the principles I have
stated, to keep inviolate the secrets and mysteries of the order?'
'I am.'
'Then you will kneel on your left knee, your right foot formed in a square,
give me your right hand which I place on the Volume of the Sacred Law, while
your left will be employed in supporting these compasses, one point
presented to your ***** left breast.'
This done, the Candidate is then made to repeat the Obligation after the
Worshipful Master, 'I, John Smith, in the presence of the Great Architect of
the Universe, and of this worthy, worshipful, and warranted Lodge of Free
and Accepted Masons, regularly assembled and properly dedicated, of my own
free will and accord, do hereby (WM touches Candidate's right band with his
left band) and hereon (WM touches the Bible with his left band) sincerely
and solemnly promise and swear, that I will always hele, conceal and never
reveal any part or parts, point or points of the secrets or mysteries of or
belonging to Free and Accepted Masons in Masonry, which may heretofore have
been known by me, or shall now or at any future period he communicated to
me, unless it be to a true and lawful Brother or Brothers, and not even to
him or them, until after due trial, strict examination, or sure information
from a well-known Brother, that he or they are worthy of that confidence, or
in the body of a just, perfect, and regular Lodge of Ancient Freemasons. I
further solemnly promise that I will not write those secrets, indite, carve,
mark, engrave or otherwise them delineate, or cause or suffer it to be so
done by others, if in my power to prevent it, on anything movable or
immovable, under the canopy of Heaven, whereby or whereon any letter,
character or figure, or the least trace of a letter, character or figure,
may become legible, or intelligible to myself or anyone in the world, so
that our secret arts and hidden mysteries may improperly become known
through my unworthiness. These several points I solemnly swear to observe,
without evasion, equivocation, or mental reservation of any kind, under no
less a penalty, on the violation of any of them, than that of having my
throat cut across, my tongue tom out by the root, and buried in the sand of
the sea at low water mark, or a cable9s length from the shore, where the
tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, or the more
effective punishment of being branded as a wilfully perjured individual,
void of all moral worth, and totally unfit to be received into this
worshipful Lodge, or any other warranted Lodge or society of men, who prize
honour and virtue above the external advantages of rank and fortune. So help
me, God, and keep me steadfast in this my Great and Solemn Obligation of an
Entered Apprentice Freemason.

Further Reading
One of the most important reference points for finding out whether or not an
individual is a freemason is the 'Masonic Yearbook' - see notes and queries
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Co, Milwaukee, 1958).
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2 20th August 06:09
External User
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3 21st August 16:29
pinocchio from kirribilli
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This is what they do to Santa Claus in Christmas time.

There is no Christmas tree in the front of the Australian Parliament House.
Pinocchio from Kirribilli and his seven dwarfs are manically afraid that
someone really finish on the tree and they proudly continue to murder seven
men each day in Australia using Nazi style legal system. More reading about
Santa just to keep Christmas spirit alive:

I.N.S. Deports Santa Claus on Christmas Eve
Dr. Art Salzberg
January 1993

Revision History
Revision 1 January 1993
The Alternative Orange. January 1993 Vol. 2 No. 3 (Syracuse
Revision 2 September 13, 2000
DocBook XML (DocBk XML V3.1.3) from original.

News International

(NLNS)-Mr. Santa Claus, well-known international religious figure and
Christmas-time distributor of toys to children world-wide, was apprehended
by U.S. immigration authorities and deported to Mexico late on the evening
of December 24.

Santa and Mrs. Claus, who had been making toys at the North Pole for
centuries, had recently relocated to Mexico. Their advancing years,
rheumatism and proximity to the American children who were the largest users
of their services, were cited as reasons for the move.

Santa's toyshop has done very well in Mexico, where Mexicans actually
respect their senior citizens and life in a small Mexican village, was very
pleasant for the Clauses.

On December 24, a new line of toys having been produced, Santa loaded the
sleigh and harnessed the reindeer, kissed his wife goodbye and started off
on his appointed Christmas rounds. He proceeded to ascend the sky, crossing
over the border at San Diego. Mr. Claus noticed that there was a border
fence, which reminded him of the Berlin Wall of previous years, between two
supposedly friendly nations, America and Mexico.

The passage went smoothly for Santa in his first journey over this border in
North America. After all, it was the night before Christmas and good will to
all has long been associated with this holiday.

Unknown to Mr. Claus, his movements were being monitored by American
immigration authorities. His passage was deemed as highly irregular and in
violation of the standard border-crossing procedures. All persons crossing
the border must stop at the American border gates. When Santa failed to do
so, an alert went out to all police.

The FBI and other American authorities called into question Mr. Clauses
identity: was this the same Santa Claus who for centuries had entered the
USA from the North? Several surveillance aircraft were dispatched to track
his movements.

Claus, who had always had a compassionate attitude towards the poor, had
noticed the increase of homeless families on the streets of wealthy San
Diego. He had also never forgotten the homeless Mexican farm workers who
lived in the fields of San Diego County. Giving toys to these two groups, as
well as many other impoverished children, fulfilled his sense of the true
meaning of Christmas. Allegedly related to a Prophet from Bethlehem whose
father was an unemployed carpenter and who himself was born in a barn when
his parents were turned away from an Inn, Claus felt that his mission was to
follow in the footsteps of his antecedent and become a champion of the poor.

The United States authorities were befuddled by Santa's comings and goings,
as he was observed giving away toys and love to one and all that evening.
Claus was violating the rites of capitalism by not charging for the toys.
The capitalist "free" market had to prevail in San Diego, even on Christmas

Claus also aroused suspicion by fraternizing with the Mexican farmworkers,
speaking with them in Spanish, which he had been learning in his new home.
The U.S. government subsequently ordered their agents to halt what seemed to
them to be a "radical" Santa from completing his Christmas deliveries to the
poor of San Diego.

Immigration and Naturalization Service (I.N.S) agents apprehended Claus as
he was delivering some toys in Southeast San Diego. His sleigh was forced
down in a toxic chemical waste dump. Upon demand to produce a passport,
Santa claimed he had been a "citizen of the world" from time immemorial and
that a passport identifying him as being of one nationality would be a
burden in his profession. Claus also failed to produce a green card
entitling him to legal residence and the right to work in the United States.
Claus was placed in handcuffs and shackled as his sleigh and reindeer were

At an arraignment before an Immigration judge, Santa was found to be guilty
of illegal entry into the United States. Claus, who refused a
court-appointed attorney who had advised him to plead guilty and throw
himself on the mercy of the court, cited a centuries-old precedence for his
actions as he had long been distributing toys to poor children in America
and elsewhere on Christmas Eve. The Judge, Will B. Grabbing Peoples, a
Ronald Reagan appointee to the judiciary, made the discovery that Santa had
made an illegal crossing. The judge found that his political Christmas
philosophy was tantamount to an alien doctrine of sedition. The sleigh was
judged to be an illegal flying machine which posed a "clear and present
danger" to the U.S. air defense system.

Since Santa was stateless, the court claimed no alternative but to deport
him to the nation of his choosing. Since Mexico, unlike its northern
neighbor, has a tradition of accepting individuals who were stateless and
prosecuted elsewhere, Santa was driven in chains to the Mexican border at
Tijuana with a busload of other "illegals" and released into Mexico.

Upon his return to his new home in Mexico, the people there welcomed him as
a triumphant hero. Many locals expressed the feeling that Claus was one of
them, that he had joined the ranks of the poor working people who were
unwelcome in the land to the north, which had originally belonged to them
before it was taken away over 140 years ago.

Many American children were unable to receive their customary toys and other
presents from Santa Claus in 1992, a year which also marks the 500th
anniversary of the start of the European invasion of this ancient continent.
American children will be hanging up their stockings in vain. The spirit of
Christmas having been declared contrary to the advance of "democracy" and a
"free market," Santa has been declared persona non grata and has been placed
on the list of foreigners who are not allowed to enter the United States.

News International can be reached at 6161 El Cajon Blvd. #4, San Diego, CA
92115; (619) 696-9351.
? ? ?
"Santa Claus is dead" <> wrote in message
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4 26th August 02:04
7 men murdered today by wife in australia
External User
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"Bertie the Bunyip" <Do@keep.trying> wrote in message news:cr9ep9$d1p$


email this
print this
sent this to media
sent this to politicians
reply to this in more Usenet groups save 7 Australian men every day


Names and home addresses of court staff have been published on web
sites, threats have been made against their homes, and their offices
have been daubed with paint and super glue put on locks. Invasion of
a family court conference in Coventry by 50 members of Fathers4Justice
wearing masks and chemical protection suits with sirens wailing,
causing considerable alarm and disruption; Fish heads, rotting meat
and maggots were sent to the Portsmouth DYFS office in September by
Fathers4Justice and staff were warned that the group had their names
and home addresses. Two campaigners boasted to the local paper that
when staff arrived on Monday they found thousands of maggots and flies
throughout the building. A DYFS officer in south-west England was
accused of being "a Nazi war criminal" because of her "bias against
fathers", and her office was splashed with purple paint - Banners were
unfurled on a county court building naming the local DYFS manager as a
"liar" and the judge as a "child abductor".

I think these things (which are happening in England) are GREAT IDEAS
for us emulate here in the Australia. Child Support
Agency, Magistrates and Family Courts seem to think they are untouchable.
Judges arrogantly sit on
the bench thinking they cannot be gotten to. Lawyers and other court
officers implement the most outrageous court orders with no thought as
to their legality and all of them are immune from lawsuits. They may
be legally immune, but that doesn't mean they cannot be "gotten to!"

I advocate conducting similar operations against Australian CSA, Australian
Police Officers arresting fathers for no reason, Workers and Magistrates &
Family Court Judges, Family (former police prosecutors here in the
Australia. Maybe when they realize they aren't as high and mighty
as they imagined, they'll conduct themselves with a little humility;
lest they find themselves humiliated beyond belief!

- Thanks to Hal

For the beginning, I feel urgent need to contribute in the name of the

Here is the list of criminals and murderers authorised by the ACT
Legislative Assembly to perform crimes based on the ACT and federal laws.

They all are from the Australian Federal Police in Canberra and ACT
Magistrates Court and they ALL directly and deliberately caused my own and
my partner attempts of suicide by fabricating "assault" and "crime" which
never happened, destroying the perfectly functioning marriage for 20 years,
before marriage was prevented to exist by restraining orders issued for only
purpose to protect court registrar's friend (who was seducing a wife). Or
let me rephrase it: Court Registrar and Magistrates intentionally prevent
any contact between family members to destroy as many families they can.
They viciously caused financial disaster for all family members, mental
illness for 2 children and father, and enormous costs to Australian
taxpayers in legal costs, unnecessary money wasting Centrelink payments for
unemployment of people who were always employed before, etc. IMHO most of
them have to be homo***uals or members of some kind of Masonic Satanic Cult
as I can't think of any other explanation for intentional destructing
actions they deliberately take against my and, probably, many other families
living in Canberra. Here is the list of actors in the appearance order:

1. Marissa Chapman Jayne, Police arresting Officer (no any questions asked
before arrest, no any evidence of "assault" ever searched)
2. John George Lundy, Special Family Prosecutor (no any questions asked
before issuing DVO, no evidence of "assault" ever searched)
3. Nicole Munstermann, Special Family Prosecuteres (she also created and
propagated *Family Violence Intervention Program)
4. Magistrates (female) Lalor (her name was on the DVO although on TV news
Magistrate Lalor appear to be a man with a beard)
5. Magistrate Shaun Madden (registrar Thompson change his name to Magistrate
Doogan on some Court do***ents to hide it was Madden all the time)
6. Phillip R. Thompson, Registrar and Special Magistrate (he was running the
show for friend seducing someoneelse's wife)
7. John Nichol, Lawyer (assigned to the case to one of partners by Legal
Aid. He alone cause more than $40,000 of financial damages to the family)

*Family Violence Intervention Program = system of forcing men to suicide
based on Duluth and "Nazi Jew Solution" model. It is full of carefully
chosen psychological methods to destroy personality of any individual.

If you live in Canberra and know whereabouts of this bastards, say them
HAPPY NEW YEAR in the name of my family.
If you live somewhere else, please publish your case.
Please publish addresses and telephone numbers of those animals in human
skins so others may avoid any dealings with them.

There were more people involved in preventing justice from HREOC, Ombudsman,
AFP and Federal Magistrates and Supreme Court, for example:

Request to Federal Magistrates Court to enable 12 months period for
reconciliation between husband and wife (as there was no irreconcilable
differences between them which is requested by the Australian law BEFORE
divorce) by cancelling obsolete restraining orders preventing any contact
between family members and to issue restraining order to outsiders
interferers preventing normal functioning of marriage was refused with
excuse they "have no jurisdiction".

It seams that main objective of legal system in Australia is to divorce as
many people as possible, make children fatherless and promote adultery
between 2 members of 2 married couples. This was obvious in my case.

The only way for family to stay together and escape ACT Government terrorism
was to move out of Canberra.
Our family now live in hiding as similar government procedures are in place
everywhere in Australia

Nobody in Australia is protecting families. Courts and Police choose
deliberately to protect adultery and homo***uals on expense of children,
families and taxpayers. This is why police badge has inverted pentagram -
well known satanic cults symbol.

While Australia fully support help of families victims of tsunami, nobody
support equal number of families who are victims of the Australian legal
system and political correctness imposed on all Australians by few
homo***uals. More than 50,000 good husbands were murdered by wife and courts
(with help of police, legal aid and others) to satisfy requests from
homo***uals and paedophiles.Millions of family members suffer today and
can't put their life in order. This vicious legal system is one of the cause
of crimes and mental illnesses like depression in Australia literally
"exploding" from destroyed families.

I think that all do***ents issued by the Australian courts, police and CSA
should say: "In the name of the Satan we judged.....

I also think that all this family destruction "business" is done to make
Canberra the homo***ual, paedophile and freemasons capital of the world.
Definitely the worst place in Australia to rise the kids.

CC to all institutions mentioned above.
Silence and cover-up is expected instead of proper action with excuse "no
Or maybe fabricated defamation case to follow the fabrication of assault as
excuse to destroy the family?
This is Australia with kangaroo courts and justice...
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