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1 25th June 21:56
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Default Denmark makes overtures in cartoon row

Denmark makes overtures in cartoon row
Fri Feb 24, 2006 1:15 PM GMT

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark has sent a video tape to Arab television
stations in which Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller presents some
initiatives aimed at easing global tensions over the cartoons of the
Prophet Mohammad.

"The message is that we have listened to reactions from abroad and now
launch a number of forward-looking and constructive initiatives aimed
at promoting respectful dialogue," a foreign ministry spokesman said on

The televised and text statement sent to Arab media outlets and Muslim
countries via Danish embassies says Denmark will hold a religious
conference, make a donation to a UN agency committed to fighting
prejudice and hold a Muslim cultural exhibition later this year.

The statement is available on the ministry's special website set up for
the cartoon crisis,

The caricatures first published by Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and
later reprinted in other European papers have sparked violent protests
worldwide by Muslims, many of whom believe it is blasphemous to depict
the Prophet.

Angry Muslims have set fire to Denmark's embassies in Syria and Lebanon
and demanded an official apology from the Nordic country, which has
around 530 troops serving in Iraq. But Denmark has refused to apologise
on behalf of the paper.

"In Denmark there is a genuine respect for the religious feelings of
other people and we acknowledge that many Muslims have felt gravely
insulted by these controversial drawings," Moeller said in the

Among the initiatives is a conference on religious and cultural
dialogue on March 10 in Copenhagen with participation of among others
the prominent Islamic preacher Amr Khaled.

Denmark will also provide a "significant financial contribution" to the
Alliance of Civilizations, set up by the United Nations to bridge
divides and overcome prejudices.

The government is also organising an "Images of Islam" festival in
Copenhagen later this year.

"In a globalised world, we all need each other, and we all have to work
together. Denmark is determined to be at the forefront in this
endeavour," Moeller said.
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2 26th June 14:29
carsten overgaard
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Default Denmark makes overtures in cartoon row

<> skrev i en meddelelse

But he and a few in the head of the government are running ahead of us - the
Danish population. We do not want to concern us with what kind of believe a
few guest in our country practice.

We do not believe in dialogue. We do believe in isolation from the rest of
the world if the world develops forward chaos and disbelieve in our god.

It is not because we do not want people to come and work for us. A lot of
jobs driving busses and empty garbage are free to work in. They just have to
integrate themselves in our companies and in Denmark we do that by drinking
a beer after work.

But it is our guest which have to live by our rules - not the other way

As a Dane I can not go to Saudi-Arabia and drink a beer after work in my
garden. I would be a guest downthere and would have to follow local rules.
It should be the same in Denmark.


Carsten Overgaard
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