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1 28th April 01:47
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Default What is an alpha males?

Is tax too high?

Are you tired of supporting welfare recipients?

Are you tired having to move as slow as everyone else in public

Have problem paying child support or alimony?

Do you doubt social sciences taught in schools?

Ever wonder why churches and society condemn **** and extramarital
consensual ***?

Ever wonder where in the earth "Though shall not have extramarital

Find out the main cause of all deviation from meritocracy and
individual freedom we face in this world at

Embrace the truth and make the world a better place.

If we allow women to commit an abortion, why not allow them to just
rent their womb to the highest bidder? They'll less likely to abort
their babies if the dad is smart and rich.

Why is it the opinion of the majority of less desirable males that
decides women's interest? Why not let the women choose?

Behold, the one true salvation of our ruined economy.The most
influential elements in this world are those you believe don't even


The websites is not complete yet. I need data to support (or
reconsider) my point. Please comment?

"Know the truth, the truth will set you free" - Jesus.
"...But before it does, it will make you angry." -Jerry Joiner
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2 2nd May 03:39
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Default What is an alpha males?

Many feminists argue that prohitibition of prostitution and polygamy
protect women's right.

What right is protected by prohibiting consensual offers from males?

What about women that want several husband? What about women that would
rather share a handsome, smart, rich male than be the only one for a
poor dumb violent one?

How many females got beaten up by violent dumb males because those
females do not have enough loving billionares playboy to pick?

What about women's right to rent her womb or cunt to the highest
bidder? What about women's right to choose any rich males that want to
have *** with her for money?

Without prohibition of consensual acts, women that got beaten up just
once by a boyfriend, can say, "**** it I am done", and quickly choose
to become a misress for a loving rich male. No need to count on cops or
anything. Those violent bastard were lucky if they got chosen in the
first place.

In many countries where genital multilation is common,
The more a male doesn't have positive intensive to mate with females,
the more likely the male would, out of jealousy, use negative
intensives to keep women in line.

In many countries, women face genital mutilation, burned alive, etc.
Without prohibition of prostitution, women can quickly go to males that
can resort to positive intensives, like money, to persuade females,
rather than negative intensives motivated by jealousy.

Without regulation against consensual acts, women also have more
choices to earn quick money and become financially independent by
performing in strip clubs, selling virginity, etc.

Also, I believe the true purpose of anti prostitution, anti polygamy,
and child support law is to take away choices from females. It's there
to ration females to less desirable poorer financially irresponsible

I am not against women being financially independent. 50% of females
are smarter than 50% of males. So yes, women can be anything they want
too. Engineer, astronout, boxer, **** boxer, etc. However, women will
be better of even further if they can take advantage of monetary
consensual offers from males.

Christian would love this too. When prostitution is allowed, women can
say, I'll bear a baby for $1 million. Now, which women would abort
their baby if good rich daddy will pay her $1 million for delivering

Not just money. The rich often carry better genes. Women are more
likely to abort their baby when the quality of the sperm that knock her
up is low. If a woman have a potentially genius baby, why abort it?

It's a win win solution. The only person that got anything to lose is
the less desirable poor males. Ugly feminists that are jealous of what
pretty women can achieve might also disagree, but even they can aim
"higher" without *** regulation. But **** them. Women can vote too
right? Vote for freedom. Vote for women choice! Vote libertarian

"Know the truth, the truth will set you free" - Jesus.
"...But before it does, it will make you angry." -Jerry Joiner
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