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1 19th May 20:05
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Default Hawaii TV Addicts - TiVo? Oceanic DVR?

I wen; write:

FWIW, I wanted to add an update after a month with TiVo.

After a couple of weeks, TiVo had collected more stuff than we could
ever watch, and in addition to being all stuff we liked (from
"Blackadder" to "30-Minute Meals"), I realized immediately that it was
all stuff on basic cable. Plus, with the "home media option" allowing
my wife to play her humongous folder of ripped MP3s over the stereo
hooked up to the TV, we weren't using Oceanic's Music Choice much
anymore, either.

So I cancelled digital (saving $10/mo.) and gave them back the digital
box (saving $4/mo., a required additional expense not disclosed when
they try to lure existing customers off ****og). In a little over a
year, TiVo will have paid for itself.

(The cost-cutting inspired me to also make the jump from Oceanic's
digital cable at $49/mo. to Verizon's DSL at $35/mo., meaning I won't
have to gasp any more at my $101 monthly cable bill ever again.)

Whenever the TV is on, now, we're in TiVo land. My daughter can spend
her 30-minute TV credit on any of six shows we've programmed it to
collect (and all shows we as parents can stand), rather than trying to
find something good that's probably halfway over by the time she
finishes her chores. And I can relax with my family for days, then
indulge myself when everyone is in bed by making my own on-demand,
commercial-free "Sports Night" or "CSI" marathon.

As an aside: The "collective filtering" technology behind TiVo is
pretty damn clever. I'd never watched "Sports Night" and wouldn't
have even stopped to watch it while channel flipping 'cause I'm not
into sports, but TiVo flagged it as something I might like (since
other customers who like what I like liked it), and after two
episodes, I was hooked. (The show's by Aaron Sorkin of "West Wing,"
and despite the name, involves very little sports.)

I miss some of the news channels on digital cable, and I depend more
on online news sites now that I regularly miss the local news, but
that last point isn't really a bad thing IMHO. <g>

Now the only question that someone needs to help answer is how
Oceanic's own DVR solution compares to TiVo...

Ryan |
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2 19th August 02:27
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Default Hawaii TV Addicts - TiVo? Oceanic DVR?

Just a side note....It was way fun to hear you calling in to the local
public radio station to add your 2-cents worth about TiVo a couple of
weeks ago, Ryan! Ho---you somebody!
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3 19th August 12:57
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Default Hawaii TV Addicts - TiVo? Oceanic DVR?

Nah! I tune into "Think Tech Hawaii" fairly often, and am usually on
the verge of calling in on half the topics they do. Usually, I
resist, but... well... let's just say there's a reason the New York
Times did a story titled, "Why TiVo users can't shut up."

Completed the conversion from Oceanic RoadRunner to Verizon DSL
tonight, BTW. Turned out to be a bigger pain than I anticipated
(mostly because, not surprisingly, the fully-automated installation
process tries to set everything for you, including settings you
already knew and set), but the speed difference is nominal and the
price is right...

Geeking out in Makiki,

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