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1 18th April 04:45
alvin e. toda
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Default Makakilo speeding

Forgot to post this earlier...

It's kind of a follow up to the kid who crossed the
street in front of his house and got run over. Speeding
is common in that area. IIRC think that a study is
going on for this problem. Some residents oppose
traffic calming measures in that area near the school.
The kid's parents and friends are trying to raise
awarenness on the speeding on the street. Seems a lost
cause to me. People are always in a rush. They don't

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2 18th April 04:45
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Default Makakilo speeding

Neither do the kids who have never got it into their thick skulls, that
you DON"T play in traffic.
and you DON'T cross except at crosswalks and when the light is in your

("kid's parents and friends" efforts of "awareness raising" are fairly
misdirected; Teach yer kid to not go running into traffic. )

Tellya what other group of people don't care;
Those that support unbridled development and condo towers going up all
over, resulting in yer usual big city problems; too much traffic and
alotta people moving here from the mainland bringing their driving
habits with them.
But HEY:

"Let's have more aloha for those who want to move to Hawaii."
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3 18th April 04:46
alvin e. toda
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Default Makakilo speeding

There are no crosswalks in the middle of the block
because midblock crossings are legal. The crossing
pedestrian has the right of way.The problem with the
crossing is that the street is especially wide at that
point and cars generally speed there.

In this case, then it would have been the other way
arround. The kid was from the mainland. The truck that
struck him is from a local business. Moreover, there's
little traffic at that point of the road, but it's
all local suburban traffic. Most of the day, there's
no traffic on the road at all.

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