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1 24th August 19:30
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Default Voting and voter turnout in Hawaii--get off your 'okole

I didn't want to vote either for all the usual reasons: couldn't decide
which candidate stood for what issue; didn't really care what they stood
for; didn't feel that my vote made a difference; sick of politics and
fighting; didn't want to mess with it.

Then I saw a picture of a boy, just 21, who had died in Iraq and it all
came home to me. This is such a big country. I could write to the
politicians about how I feel and they would NEVER listen. I'm just one
voice, one letter in the trash. But I can cut 'em off at the roots by
voting AGAINST what they're doing, by putting somebody else in the
chair. This is my chance. It's not much but I'm taking it.


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