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1 29th September 10:28
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Default British Justice - Loyalist Bail - Republican Jail

Ha ha ha ha ha kesh
why the hell do you think that the law (vis Belfast agreement) was
created to allow on the run terrorists to return with out fear of
being lifted. I can't believe you were that stupid to say what you did.

Enough 'evidence' to hold him, his guilt will be decided in court.

Enough 'evidence' to not only hold, but to charge other as well,
that's not remote....... that's a fact
it is also obvious that Donaldson and spying buddy were not as much
danger to the public or anything else as O'Hagan, as those two were
given bail without question, Tell us why that is nik?. do you think
the British Justice is unfair only CERTAIN to republicans or is it
something much more serious or sinister than that?

Now if you want to argue the point that the judicial system takes so
long to hear 'any' cases then you might have a valid argument.
then if we did not have terrorist related court cases then the courts
would be in a better position to clear up the back log of the more
mundane cases, but sure, O'Hagan's Lawyers are probably busy for
the next 4 years making real money on the Bloody sunday 'institute'.
not forgetting the fact that if O'Hagan is innocent then he will get
£????,???k for being where he is, sure he is on a no lose case.
in the mean time he has free board, end suite. TV.***** hotel etc etc.
the rest of us have to go work for that.
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