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IRA Gunman Fired First Inquiry Told Feb 10 2004 - Mombu the Culture Forum
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1 1st August 09:33
michael adams
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Default IRA Gunman Fired First Inquiry Told Feb 10 2004


He ran off. I'm still not certain if he really is as brainwashed
as he gives every appearance of being, or he really is a troll.

You of course, are simply a trouble maker pure and simple.

If you don't mind me saying so, you display all the characteristics
of a Jack Russell terrier - still not an officially recognised breed
of course . I imagine you as being short, or at least below average
height, and wiry. Budgie on the other hand, I imagine to be around
5'1l and fighting a losing battle against middle age spread. ....


Campaign Medals, but not one for NI as yet if I'm not mistaken.

Although the RUC got their collective George Cross of course. ....



Would you explain what you mean by that please? ....


Your god, and nobody elses then? ....


So you know he's a him then? ....


But then how does that "who you are" apply to sinners ? (no not

They might say they're making their own way to god as well.

One element of religion surely, is that rightly or wrongly it exerts
a degree of social control over people. It has a social element.
Behave in a certain way towards others and you get eternal life.
I know it can be used for bad ends as well, that it puts power
in the hands of the hierarchy etc.

But a purely personal view of god seems to mean people can bend
their consciences to suit their own purposes. ....


What sin? Where do you get that idea from?

__________________________________________________ ________________
[other threads]


Where do you get the David Cochrane reference from? ....


Not in any substantive way though.

There's another source as well, but I like to provide
Budgie with something more irrefutable so as to upset him more. Thus
the only choice was the Scotsman.

Budgie's distrust and sense of paranoia is reaching pathological
proportions it would seem.

I've never been subject to military discipline as such. And that's
all you're ever getting out of me. ....



Not too big a step from that, to fixing electronic slot machines really
is it ?

Eh, eh?

So that only leaves the matter of these Iceland trips, and Gerry's *****.

We've had no satisfactory answer out of you yet, about that little
matter, now have we?

michael adams

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