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1 31st October 14:44
mike white
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Looking for any of the following in any format:

Adolf und Marlene (Ulli Lommel, West Germany, 1976)

Adventures of God, The / Aventuras de Dios, Las (Eliseo Subiela,
Argentina, 2000)

Akasha (Joao / Joăo Costa Menezes, 2001, Portugal) (w/subs)

Angels and Cherubs / Angeles Y Querubines (Rafael Corkidi, 1972, Cine
Producciones/Azteca, Mexico)

Apolinar (Julio Castillo, Mexico, 1972)

Aurinkotuuli (Timo Linnasalo, 1980, Finland)

Automobilkirkegĺrden (Palle Skibelund, Denmark, 1971)

Autuomo, L' (Marco Masi, 1984, Italy)

Babaouo (Manuel Cussó-Ferrer, Spain, 2000)

Babo 73 (Robert Downey Sr, 1969, USA)

Beast of Budapest, The (Harmon Jones, 1958, USA)

Bells Of Silesia, The / Das Unheil / Les Cloches De Silésie (Peter
Fleischmann, 1972, Germany)

Beyond The Law (Norman Mailer, 1968)

Big Departure, The / Grand Depart, Le (Martial Raysse, 1972, France,
Nouvelles Editions de Films)

Big Grey-Blue Bird, A / Bottom, ein großer graublauer Vogel / Grosso
uccello grigio azzurro, Un (Thomas Schamoni, 1971, West Germany)

Birds In Peru / Birds Come To Die In Peru / Les Oiseaux Vont Mourir Au
Perou (Romain Gary, 1968)

Black Fantasy (Lionel Rogosin, 1972, USA)

Black Rodeo (Jeff Kanew, 1972)

Black The Ripper (Frank R. Saletri, 1975)

Blood Sword of the 99th Virgin / Kyuju-Kyuhonme No Kimusume (Morihei
Magatani, 1959, Japan)

Blood, The / Sang, Le (Jean Daniel Pollet, 1971, France)

Boob Tube Strikes Again / The Coming Of Seymour / Fabulous Fanny (Lee
Frost, 1977)

Brand X (Win Chamberlain, 1970 (Starring Taylor Meade & Sam Shepard))

Change Of Mind (Robert Stevens, 1969)

Chips Are Down, The / Jeux sont faits, Les (Jean Delannoy, 1947, France)

Claro! (Glauber Rocha, 1975, France)

Commune, The (Monroe Beeler, 1970)

Covenant with Death, A (Lamont Johnson, 1967, USA, Warner Bros) (in

Crush Proof (François De Menil, 1972, France)

Cybelle / Shiberu / Five Philosophical Fables / Itsutsu No
Tetsugakatekina Dowa (Donald Richie, 1968/1972, Japan)

Dark End Of The Street (Jan Egleson, 1981, First Run Features)

Day In Town, A / En Dag I Staden (Pontus Hulten & Hans Nordenstrom,
1956, Sweden)

Death May Be Your Santa Claus (Frankie Dymon Jr, UK, 1969)

Does Dracula Really ****? / Dracula And The Boys (Patrick Dromgoole,
1969, UK, BBC)

Don't Die Without Telling Me Where You're Going / No te mueras sin
decirme adónde vas (Eliseo Subiela, Argentina, 1995)

Drifter, The (Alex Matter, 1966)

Epitaph To My Love / Waga Koi No Tabiji (Masahiro Shinoda, 1961, Japan)

Evil Hour, An (Peter Wolff, 1970, USA)

Fable, A / The Slave (Al Freeman Jr, USA, 1972)

Faking Of The President, The (Alan & Jeanne Abel, 1976)

Farmer, The / Blazing Revenge / Killer Farmer (David Berlatsky, 1975,

Flesh Is Weak, The / Frauen, Die Uns Nachts Begegnen (Don Chaffey, 1957,

Get Rollin' (J. Terrance Mitchell, 1980, USA)

Girl With The Golden Eyes, The / Fille Aux Yeux D'or, La (Jean-Gabriel
Albicocco, 1961, France/Italy)

Guernica-Jede Stunde verletzt und die letzte tötet (Peter Lilienthal,
1963, German)

Hangup / Super Dude (Henry Hathaway 1974, Warner Bros)

Heartbeat In The Brain (UK Do***entary On Trepanation)

House Under the Starry Skies / Dom pod zvyozdnym nebom (Sergei Solovyov,
Russia, 1991)

How To Smuggle A Hernia Across The Border (Jerry Lewis, 1949) (short)

Hu-Man (Jérôme Laperrousaz, France, 1975)

Il fiore e la violenza / Marines, Les (Francois Reichenbach, 1957,

In The Beginning / Bible! (Wakefield Poole, 1974, USA)

Incredible *** Revolution, The (Albert Zugsmith, 1965)

Kingdom, The / Okuku (Kanai Katsu, Japan, 1973)

Kiska Heroes / Retreat From Kiska / Taiheiyo kiseki no sakusen: Kisuka
(Seiji Maruyama, Japan, 1965)

Life of Mao, The / Denki mo-taku-to (Nagisa Oshima, 1976, Japan)

Limousine Drive (Masashi Yamamoto, Japan, 2000)

Little Sisters (Alex De Renzi, 1971)

Liv (Pĺl Lřkkeberg, 1967, Norway)

Los Vampiros Tambien Duerman (1975)

Love Suicides At Sonezaki / Sonezaki Shinju (Midori Kurisaki, 1981,

LSD I Hate You / Movie Star American Style (Albert Zugsmith)

Luminious Procuress (Steven Arnold, 1971, USA)

Maidstone (Norman Mailer, 1970)

Meetings In The Forest / Rendez-Vous En Foret, Les (Alain Fleischer,
France, 1971)

Metamorphosis / Förvandlingen (Ivo Dvorák, 1976, Sweden)

Mickey Mouse In Vietnam (Lee Savage, 1968) (short)

Mise A Sac (Alain Cavalier, 1967, France, Artistes Associ·)

My Face Red In The Sunset / Yuhi Ni Akai Ore No Kao (Masahiro Shinoda,
Japan, 1960)

***** Ape, The (Donald Driver, 1973, USA, Universal)

Nauchnaya sektsiya pilotov / Scientific section of pilots (Andrei E.,
Russia, 1996)

Necropolis (Franco Brocani, 1970, Italy)

Nest Of The Cuckoo Bird (Bert Williams, 1965)

Never The Twain (Brad Ginter, 1974, USA)

New York Confidential (Russell Rouse, 1955, Warner Bros) (good copy)

Night Of The Flowers / La Notte Dei Fiori (Gian Vittorio Baldi, Italy,

No More Excuses (Robert Downey, Sr)

No More Fleeing / Nicht Mehr Fliehen (Herbert Vasely, 1955, Germany)

Not Just Another Woman (Toby Ross, 1975, USA)

O.K. (Walter Heynowski, East Germany, 1964)

Ölüm Perdesi (Atif Yilmaz, Turkey, 1960)

Once (Mort Heilig, 1973, Communication Design)

Outsider, The (Tony Luraschi, 1979, USA, Paramount)

Palestine (Nick Macdonald, 1971, USA)

Patty (Robert L Roberts, 1976)

Phallic Forest, The (Kit Guyatt, 1970, Australian) (short)

Picknick im Felde (Peter Lilienthal, 1962, German)

Picknick pĺ slagfältet (Stig Törnroos, 1967, Sweden)

Piknik na frontu (Vladimir Momcilovic, 1973, Yugoslavia)

Pinku redi no katsudoshashin / Pink Lady's Motion Picture (Tom Kotani,
1978, Japan)

Pique-Nique (Louis Sénechal)

Pop Down / Popdown (Fred Marshall, 1968, UK)

Poupée, La / The Doll / He, She, Or It (Jacques Baratier, 1962, France)

Private Property (Leslie Stevens, 1960, USA)

Psyche / Narcissus and Psyche / Nárcisz és Psyché (Gábor Bódy, Hungary,
1980) (4+ Hours)

Pubertinaje (José Antonio Alcaraz, Pablo Leder & Luis Urias, 1971,
Mexico, Producciones Viskin)

Rat Fink / My Soul Runs ***** / Wild And Willing (James Landis, 1965,

Richard (Harry Hurwitz & Lorees Yerby, 1972)

Rise And Fall Of World As Seen From A *** Position, The (Arthur Meyer,

Roommates (Jack Baran, 1971)

Russia, 1971)

Sadist With Red Teeth!, The / Sadique Aux Dents Rouges, Le (Jean-Louis
Van Belle, 1970, Belgium)

Sammy Somebody (Joseph Adler, 1967)

San Domingo (Hans-Jürgen Syberberg 1970, German)

Scarecrow In A Garden Of Cu***bers (Robert J. Kaplan, 1971)

Schmutz / Dirtiness (Paulus Manker, 1985, Germany)

Sesso Del Diavolo, Il / Trittico / *** of the Devil, The (Oscar Brazzi,

*** And Violence / Andrea (Ensalada Baudelaire, Leopoldo Pomés, 1978,

Shadows In The City / Cidade Das Sombras (Ari M. Roussimoff, 1991, USA)

Sheila Levine Is Dead and Living in New York (Sidney J. Furie, USA,

Solomon King (Sal Watts & Jack Bomay, 1974)

Squareworld / Sukueawaarudo (Kenji Onishi, 1995, Japan)

Squeeze a Flower (Marc Daniels, Australia, 1970)

Stop (Bill Gunn, 1970, Warner Brothers)

Strays (Vin Diesel, 1997, One Race Productions)

Sufferings of a Hurt Egg, The / Souffrances d'un oeuf meurtri, Les
(Roland Lethem, 1967, France)

Sunken Tomb, The / Ikiteiru umi no bohyo (Nagisa Oshima, 1976, Japan)

Sunseed (Frederick Cohn, 1973)

Super Spook (Anthony B. Major, 1975, USA)

Superdude / Hangup (Henry Hathaway, 1974)

Superior Toys - Made In The USA / Feine Spielwaren - Made In USA
(Guenter Raetz, 1969)

Super-Jocks, The (Emil Nofal, 1980)

Sweet Hunters / Ternos Caçadores / Jailbird / Tendres Chasseurs (Ruy
Guerra, 1969, Brazil, English Only)

Sweet Smell Of ***, The (Robert Downey Sr., 1966)

Tales Of Kubelkind / Geschichten vom Kübelkind (Ula Stöckl And Edgar
Reitz, 1970, West Germany)

Tatli Cadi (Volkan Kayhan, Turkey)

Tears On The Lion's Mane / Namida O Shishi No Tategami Ni Ni (Masahiro
Shinoda, Japan, 1962)

There Is No 13 (William Sachs, 1974, Film Ventures International)

Those In Love / Amoureuse, L' / Verliefd (Christian Mesnil, 1972,

Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself with Tea / Zítra vstanu a opařím
se čajem (Jindrich Polák, 1977, Czech) (w/subtitles)

Troika (Frederic Hobbs & Gordon Mueller, 1969, USA, Emerson)

Troll / Till *** Do Us Part (Vilgot Sjöman, 1971, Sweden)

Truck It (Fred Halsted)

Under Age (Larry Buchanan, 1963, USA)

United Family Awaits The Visit Of Hallewyn, The / Familia unida
esperando la llegada de Hallewyn, La (Miguel Bejo, 1972, Argentina)

Violence In The Cinema (George Miller, 1971)

Virgin President (Graeme Ferguson 1968)

Voodoo Heartbeat (Charles Nizet, 1972, USA)

Voyage To Arcturus (B. J. Holloway, 1971, USA)

Walk The Walk (Jac Zacha, 1970, USA, Hallmark)

Wall, The / Zid (Ante Zaninovic, 1966, Yugoslavia) (short)

What Is It? (Crispin Hellion Glover, USA)

Whirlpool / She Died With Her Boots On / Perversion Flash (José Ramón
Larraz 1970)

White Bird Marked with Black, The / White Bird With a Black Mark / White
Bird With a Black Spot / Bilyj ptakh z chornoju oznakoju / Belaya p****a
s chyornoj otmetino (Yuri Ilyenko,

Whole Shootin' Match, The (Eagle Pennell, USA, 1978)

Why? (Victor Stoloff, 1970)

Why? / Hvorfor Gřr De Det? (Phyllis And Eberhardt Kronhausen, 1970,

Wild 90 (Norman Mailer, 1967, USA)

Wild Is My Love (Richard Hilliard, 1963)

Without Warning / The Story Without A Name (Arnold Laven, 1952)

Wizard Of Babylon, The / Der Bauer Von Babylon (Dieter Schidor, 1983,
New Yorker)

Woman Of The Ganges, The (Marguerite Duras, 1972, W/Subtitles)

Work Is A Four-Letter Word (Peter Hall, 1968)

Yokoi and His Twenty-Eight Years of Secret Life on Guam / Yokoi shoichi:
guamu-to 28 nen no nazo o ou (Nagisa Oshima, 1977, Japan)

You'll Never Get Away (Alan Smithee, 1971, USA)

Young Sinner, The / Among The Thorns / Like Father Like Son (Tom
Laughlin, 1965)

You've Got To Walk It Like You Talk It Or You'll Lose That Beat (Peter
Locke, 1971)

Hoping to trade. My trade list is here:

Mike White
Cashiers du Cinemart
PO Box 2401
Riverview MI 48192
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