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1 14th June 15:05
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Default Foreign Policy Bipartisanship - Vajpayee & Sonia,00300001.htm

Hindustan Times

Secularism vs Pakistan
Vir Sanghvi
July 13, 2003

......when one Indian Prime Minister succeeds another, the outgoing PM
attends the swearing-in and hugs his successor. In Pakistan they shoot
their predecessors, or arrest them or, at the very least, exile them.

================================================== ==============================

Thursday, Sep 25, 2003

Vajpayee heaps praise on Sonia
By Harish Khare

NEW YORK SEPT. 24. The Prime Minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, went out
of his way today to praise the Leader of the Opposition, Sonia Gandhi,
not only for honouring the rites of consensus on foreign policy but
also for observing the rules of fair play.

He cited Ms. Gandhi's behaviour as evidence of the Indian democracy's
vibrancy while speaking at an Indian community reception hosted in his
honour by the Indian Ambassador to the U.S., Lalit Mansingh.

Putting in one of his extempore performance, the Prime Minister
regaled the audience with humour and sometimes with self-deprecating

The praise for Ms. Gandhi came in the context of the Prime Minister's
argument that foreign policy had always been conducted in a bipartisan

While he regretted that some of the Left parties had opposed and
demonstrated against the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's recent
visit, Mr. Vajpayee thought that it was courageous of Ms. Gandhi to
break ranks with the "third front" crowd.

He could not resist taking a dig at some of the former Prime Ministers
who had issued a joint statement against Mr. Sharon's visit.

In a similar vein, Mr. Vajpayee recalled how on December 13, 2001 when
the terrorists had attacked Parliament House, a rather worried Ms.
Gandhi had telephoned him, wanting to be assured of his safety. On his
part, he was worried about her security.

This kind of concern, according to him, meant that the future of
democracy in India was safe.

The reception became an evening of mutual admiration, with the Prime
Minister acknowledging the Indian-American community's success as well
as telling the NRIs that India was on the move.

The tone for the evening was set by Mr. Mansingh who was at his syrupy
best in praising the Prime Minister' leadership.

But Mr. Vajpayee used the evening to gently rebuke the Indian-American
community for allowing itself to be divided into caste and regional
associations, instead of f****ng itself into a collective voice of two
million-strong, a voice that should speak up in defence of India's
diplomatic and political interests.

Acknowledging that he headed a seemingly unwieldy coalition, he
assured his audience that he was presiding over a stable arrangement.

Jokingly he added that he was often asked how many parties formed his
coalition and that he invariably replied that he had lost count; "some
keep leaving, some keep coming, but the core has remained stable and

UNI reports:

Mr. Vajpayee narrated an incident when he visited New York in 1957 as
a member of a Parliamentary delegation.

At a function the former Defence Minister, V.K. Krishna Menon, saw him
standing in a back row in an auditorium and called him to come
forward. Heeding the call, he moved to the front, Mr Vajpayee said.
"From then (on), I started moving forward,'' he said.

The audience burst into laughter when Mr. Vajpayee said that in India
there was no dearth of former Prime Ministers. "Their strength will go
up soon," he added.
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2 26th June 19:52
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Default Foreign Policy Bipartisanship - Vajpayee & Sonia

Provided he/she is lucky enough to escape assasination
or syphilis or AIDS.

The poor fellow MK Gandhi got assasinated well before
the first anniversary of August 15 and the poor fellow
Nehru died of syphilis before he could transmit the
disease to his successor.

Mrs Gandhi became a victim of traitor Sikh bullets and
Mr Rajiv Gandhi was martyred by Tamil suicidal
activities. According to reliable sources, the current
PM of India is suffering from AIDS and he may not be
able to hug his successor.
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3 28th June 05:39
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Default Foreign Policy Bipartisanship - Vajpayee & Sonia

ROFL . who is this reliable source ? Your ammi who died from AIDS
admitting that she had *** with Vajpayee before partition in Lucknow ?
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