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1 3rd September 14:09
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Default How Mussad is destroying the human race?

-- People I want unbaised justice, I want truth, people please tell me
why are you standing aside, people in the name of God I want unbiased
justice, Jews have destroyed my body using biological weapons.
Assalam u'Alekum
In late 1995 as RMIT Islamic society wanted me to join them. I virtually
had not choice as one day when I went to pray they were having
elections. And they voted for me to be in committee. At this point all
the committee members were Jews or half Jewish students acting or
pretending as Muslims, mostly these guys came from Muslim countries. So
every once in a week they used to have meeting, I honestly did not know
what was going on at that time, as they had been giving me injections to
erase my memory since I was in year 10.

An African man alias Abdul Karim was the president, he used to teach
them how to use and make biological weapons, here are their names,
Feroz, Selgin, Shahrizal, Almir Colan, Adnan Siddiqui, Munasifah,
Waheeda, Rugheya(his sister), Mona and Jennifer Aida, Punchawatti.
Some of these boys and girls were African, others from Malaysia etc etc.
So when people are talking about mobile biological weapons lab, all
these people are potential terrorists they know how to make, give and
take biological weapons. This is their global terrorist force, I
honestly have nothing to lie about, this meeting has held in Muslim
prayer room RMIT building 9, level 4.

Like imagine this, you know the biological weapon to block blood
vessels, Abdul Karim had told all this terrorist students that the this
is the biological weapon you add it in a soft drink or so to give it to
anyone, but please not that most of Jewish biological weapons react with
sugar so you must make sure the person either drinks the sweat drink
quickly or else give him biological weapon first and then sweat to eat
later. He also told them that once a few hours have passed the person
body has become sensitive sugar and a few other chemicals where as even
in the absence of some things the cells will continue to grow and block
blood vessels. Like he mentioned there we tell our allies in various
countries to add special substances to their products, like insect
killers, air fresheners and more, because one way or another they
continue to reach the person who is sensitive to such things.

May God end the days of those who lie, cheat and play dirty games with
the rest of humanity, may God give us all the ability to fear and like
him more than any worldly illusion.

See how Jews destroyed my body using bio & chemical weapons

download the Animatrix animations from

My crime is, I did not sleep around and I am living in world where most
of the people are mediocre who only care about easy life for themselves,
I want unbiased justice, I want media to speak the truth People one day
I will not be around, how long will we sleep, how long this world will
ignore my cry, what kind of faith and religion allows us to see and
accept unjustice and slavery.

find all my interesting articles at or

find us here at ...
alt.conspiracy, alt.religion.islam, alt.religion.christian,
aus.religion.islam, aus.religion.christian if you want to keep yourself
up to date with the reality of this world and more ....
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