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1 25th July 21:06
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Default Whatever Happened to IRIS CHACON????


I'm not of Spanish background, but I remember watching a show called
"El Show de Iris Chacon" back in the late 1970's and early 1980's. As
you know, it featured an incredibly beautiful lady that loved to show
off her g-string backside at every turn. And then all of a sudden
around 1985, she disappeared from Spanish TV. I saw her several times
after that in some kind of specials. I know that she is approaching 55
years old, but I was wondering whatever became of Iris Chacon? I heard
that she became a born-again Christian and "turned her back" (no pun
intended) on her fame-ass ca-rear! Yet, I remember seeing her about 10
years ago on TV still showing off her rear.

There used to be a site that gave a little
background on her. But now, the two guys that owned the site seemed to
have sold it away.

If anyone can give me a brief history of Iris Chacon and what she is
doing today, I would greatly appreciate it.


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