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1 23rd April 01:16
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Default A message for Dr Malcolm Ogilvie

He is a fraud, what else can we expect?

Instead he tried once again to bully you into silence.

Untrue, you have systematically and ruthlessly damaged the reputation
of Mr Macmillan and many users on these newsgroups including various
conservationists who you don't agree with. You have sought to destroy
the users of this group who exposed you and the RSPB as frauds, you
have even sought to destroy the newsgroup.

Indeed google shows us you did purchase your degree, your juvenile and
criminal behavior would certainly back this up too.

You have single singlehandedly destroyed any reputation you could ever
have held, by your consistent and ruthless abuse, defamation, lies,
libel, conspiracy to commit criminal acts etc and you still destroy it
daily with your constant attacks against Angus and others.

This could almost be written by an innocent person, luckily we have
all your abuse and self destruction in the archives and on google, you
may well dream up fantasy stories about your innocence Ogilvie but the
real story is there for all to see. I would be happy to have my
archives presented to any legal body that desired the real story of
Malcolm Ogilvie, liar, fraud, cheat and criminal.

You have systematically tried to destroy all opposition and you have
particularly targeted Angus from day one, daily destroying his
reputation with lies and abuse.

Google shows you did, and I believe it 100% you're a liar, fraud and cheat.

He knows full well exactly what he has done and what he is doing in
destroying the reputation and livelihoods of users in these groups,
his attempts to stall and wriggle are well noted and archived.

Hang him out to dry.

So, you dont like reasoned,
well thought out, civil debate?

I understand.

('(.......... ~/'...')
''...\.......... _.
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2 23rd April 01:16
jim ford
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Default A message for Dr Malcolm Ogilvie

* Malcolm <> deigned to grace
* with their presence by declaiming:


...... and what's more, you ride a girl's bike!

Look fellers, can't you draw this to a close - or correspond through email,
rather than conduct this unseemly brawl on these NGs?

Regards: Jim Ford

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