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1 14th March 20:23
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Default a song about Filberts

My dear Whyte-Settlar,

We are applying the words I chose in a poetic literary context.

Rubbish indicates literary work which fails to meet the general
standards accepted as qualifying a work as literature.

Mediocre grades the quality of the rubbish. In this case it is of no
particular merit and fails even to make its salacious point with any
great effect. In a word, it is not worth posting.

Great rubbish includes all the salacious verses of Noel Coward which
go well beyond the level of salaciouness found in the work above, but
are redemmed by their extraordinary wit; something the above work has
brilliantly managed to avoid.

For example:

(To the tune of "Colonel Bogey March")

Hitler has only got one ball,
Goering has two but they are small
Himmler has something similar
But Goebbels has no balls at all.

Not only is this a witty ditty, but it is also anatomically accurate
in Hitler's case, as his autopsy by the Soviets revealed that he was
indeed monotesticular. The fact that the ditty is still widely known
and sung in the UK, testifies to its literary worth.

Coward's version of Eskimo Nell brought the house down in Paris many
years ago. It has to be one of the filthiest songs I've ever heard and
my sides ached with laughing for days afterwards.

However, I still love the old favourites, such as "My Husband's a
Corporal" and Scotland's great contribution to the choral arts, "The
Ball of Kirriemuir", whose verses we once reassembled here on scs.

Perhaps we should do that again to show Duke that far from being
prudish, we Scots have an extremely robust sense of humour.

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2 14th March 22:54
adam whyte-settlar
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Default a song about Filberts

Hmmm - yes - I take your point.
I have been known to say something similar with regard to Eddie Izzard.
He makes his living by talking a lot of the finest quality utter crap you
are ever likely to hear.

I too happen to think 'Eskimo Nell' disgusting filth of the truly highest
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3 15th March 01:21
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Default a song about Filberts

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003 02:48:46 GMT, I read these words from Murchadh
<> :
<BIG snip>

No need with regard to the originals, they're still at :

There are, however, lots of current posters not mentioned..........

-- The Despicable Stewart
-- Perfidious Alban
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