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1 25th March 22:12
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Default a song about Filberts

So it was a slip-up then. Will you in future, when writing Scots,
differentiate between the verb and noun 'use'?

I also noticed that in The Oxford Companion to The English language
p.896 (about Scots grammar) it says "Verbs in the present tense, are
as in English when a single personal pronoun is next to the verb;
otherwise, they end in s in all persons and numbers: They say he's
owre auld, Thaim that says he's owre auld, Thir laddies says he's owre
auld They say he's too old, etc.; Thay're comin as weel but Five o
them's comin; The laddies? They've went but Ma brakes has went."

Perhaps your "Jist kis gowks yaise ae rame disna mak the yaise o it
richt ye ken" should be 'Jist kis gowks yaise*S* ae rame disna mak the
*yiss* o it richt ye ken"

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