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1 6th April 18:08
robert peffers
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Default Global warming!

It does not SEEM?

By the same token how can you say it is not?

Can you prove that it was or wasn't? If we do not have enough records to
prove it one way we do not have records to prove it the other.
Again it was diagnoses and prognosis before identifying that a problem
existed and what the problem was.

Jumping to conclusion is not scientific. Is it?
Auld Bob Peffers,

Aa ootgannin screivings maun hae nae wee beasties wi thaim..
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2 6th April 20:34
malcolm ogilvie
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Default Global warming!

In article <bmf1iq$ihu$>, Robert Peffers
<> writes

Correct. It does not seem.

Because it hasn't existed "always".

I was asking a question. Answering it with another question is something
that politicians do :-))

If by "we" you mean yourself, then no.

Err, no. The problem existed and was identified. Whether the solution
was the right one is considered by some open to debate.

Agreed. Who has jumped to a conclusion?

Malcolm Ogilvie
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