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1 11th April 08:53
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You are looking at the reason for the war against Iraq. This war is being
fought for Ariel Sharon and for Israel's strategic benefit!

Forget Saddam Hussein, forget weapons of mass destruction (WMD), forget even
oil for a minute. Lets look at the BIG picture.

Zionists have their eyes set on all of the land between the Nile and the
Euphrates. The plan for a "Greater Israel" is as old as Zionism itself. The
Nile forms the border on the West through Egypt, and the Euphrates on the
East through Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Israel intends to expand it borders to make it possible for them to reclaim
the land that is rightfully theirs. That is, the land that they believe is
rightfully theirs. After all God told them they could have that land, so
they know that morally it belongs to them.
But there is one small problem, namely the land in question belongs to
Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. So how
do they go about expanding their domain.
Why they use their indentured servants of course. England and the United
States. The Mossad create the terrorist events around the world and blame
them on Islamic terrorists.

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