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1 19th August 01:58
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Default Repatriation....

Hya Ian. Renfra eh? No kiddin. Ma mither's funeral's reception wis in Renfra
at a hotel. Ma auld auntie wis a foreman at Chivas.
Such a wee wurld it is eh. Ah'm awfa gled yur hame safe and ah hope yur braw
wifey get settled doon awright in Renfra.
Huv ye been tae yon new muckle shoppin centre yit? Dae ye get tae Paisley
noo an again?
Chivas factory is next tae St Mirrens academy. Or near enough tae it. Gerry
Rafferty frae Stealers Wheel and afore that wi' the Humblebums alang wi' the
Big Yin went tae St. Mirrens academy.
Is the Renfra Ferry still runnin ah wunner?


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