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1 2nd June 03:19
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Default South African Helper Does LIttle For Britain's Racist BNP

South African, Arthur Kemp tried to help Britain's far right BNP garner
votes in the recent round of elections for local councils and the European

The same Kemp was among those questioned in connection with the Chris Hani
assassination. He admitted having supplied a list of names including Hani's
to Derby-Lewis' wife, ***e, but denied it was a "hit-list".

Kemp, a former secretary to Andries Treurnicht and writer for Treurnicht's
Conservative Party newspaper, "Die Patriot" has been linked to the
activities of various neo-fascist groups and other far right organisations
around the world. These include the so-called World Anti-Communist League
founded by a South Korean dictatorship and partially funded by the Moonies.

The WACL brought together such delightful characters as Klaus Barbie (the
Butcher of Lyon) and Major Roberto
D'Aubuisson, leader of the Alianza Republicana Nacionalista (Arena) party of
El Salvador and a host of neo-nazi groups.

WACL activities in South Africa go back to the 1960s when it had Mr Ivor
Benson, former chief press censor to Ian Smith's regime, as head of its
South African chapter. also former editor of the South African Observer, S
E D Brown, and former
Nasionale Gereformeerde Kerk leader Dr Koot Vorster, brother to sometime SA
Prime Minister, John Vorster. But that is to digress.

According to the anti-fascist organisation "Searchlight", Kemp has spoken at

on a website linked to the Ku Klux Klan. Other past Kemp connections
include the right-wing National Student Federation and the Wereld Apartheid
Beweging, both of which had worldwide links with other neo-nazi
organisations. Polish-born Mr Janusz Walus, Chris Hani's alleged assassin,
was known to be a regular presence at WAB meetings.

Happily, for all that Arthur Kemp may have done for them, the BNP was hardly
a runaway success in the elections. The British Conservative leader, Michael
Howard didn't help their cause either. During a visit to one of the
constituencies where they expected to make a comeback, he denounced the BNP
as "a bunch of thugs dressed up as a political party",14549,1235287,00.html,14549,1232475,00.html

Mungo Campbell
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