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1 29th May 06:05
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Default Eisenwhore's Holocaust-Slaughter Of More Than 1.7 Million Germans

Eisenwhore's Holocaust - His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans
No wonder Germans did not want to support Bush!

From: J Young <>
Subject: Eisenhower's Holocaust ...... "God, I hate the Germans..."
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 09:31:34 -0700

Unfortunately, the horrors of WWII continued well after May 8, 1945.

"God, I hate the Germans..." (Dwight David Eisenhower in a letter to his
wife in September, 1944)

First, I want you to picture something in your mind. You are a German
soldier who survived through the battles of World II. You were not
really politically involved, and your parents were also indifferent to
politics, but suddenly your education was interrupted and you were
drafted into the German army and told where to fight. Now, in the Spring
of 1945, you see that your country has been demolished by the Allies,
your cities lie in ruins, and half of your family has been killed or is
missing. Now, your unit is being surrounded, and it is finally time to
surrender. The fact is, there is no other choice.

It has been a long, cold winter. The German army rations have not been
all that good, but you managed to survive. Spring came late that year,
with weeks of cold rainy weather in demolished Europe. Your boots are
tattered, your uniform is falling apart, and the stress of surrender and
the confusion that lies ahead for you has your guts being torn out. Now,
it is over, you must surrender or be shot. This is war and the real world.

You are taken as a German Prisoner of War into American hands. The
Americans had 200 such Prisoner of War camps scattered across Germany.
You are marched to a compound surrounded with barbed wire fences as far
as the eye can see. Thousands upon thousands of your fellow German
soldiers are already in this make-shift corral. You see no evidence of a
latrine and after three hours of marching through the mud of the spring
rain, the comfort of a latrine is upper-most in your mind. You are
driven through the heavily guarded gate and find yourself free to move
about, and you begin the futile search for the latrine. Finally, you ask
for directions, and are informed that no such luxury exists.

No more time. You find a place and squat. First you were exhausted, then
hungry, then fearful, and now; dirty. Hundreds more German prisoners are
behind you, pushing you on, jamming you together and every one of them
searching for the latrine as soon as they could do so. Now, late in the
day, there is no space to even squat, much less sit down to rest your
weary legs. None of the prisoners, you quickly learn, have had any food
that day, in fact there was no food while in the American hands that any
surviving prisoner can testify to. No one has eaten any food for weeks,
and they are slowly starving and dying. But, they can't do this to us!
There are the Geneva Convention rules for the treatment of Prisoners of
War. There must be some mistake! Hope continues through the night, with
no shelter from the cold, biting rain.

Your uniform is sopping wet, and formerly brave soldiers are weeping all
around you, as buddy after buddy dies from the lack of food, water,
sleep and shelter from the weather. After weeks of this, your own hope
bleeds off into despair, and finally you actually begin to envy those
who, having surrendered first manhood and then dignity, now also
surrender life itself. More hopeless weeks go by. Finally, the last
thing you remember is falling, unable to get up, and lying face down in
the mud mixed with the excrement of those who have gone before.

Your body will be picked up long after it is cold, and taken to a
special tent where your clothing is stripped off. So that you will be
quickly forgotten, and never again identified, your dog-tag is snipped
in half and your body along with those of your fellow soldiers are
covered with chemicals for rapid decomposition and buried. You were not
one of the exceptions, for more than one million seven hundred thousand
German Prisoners of War died from a deliberate policy of extermination
by starvation, exposure, and disease, under direct orders of the General
Dwight David Eisenhower.

One month before the end of World War 11, General Eisenhower issued
special orders concerning the treatment of German Prisoners and specific
in the language of those orders was this statement,

"Prison enclosures are to provide no shelter or other comforts."

Eisenhower biographer Stephen Ambrose, who was given access to the
Eisenhower personal letters, states that he proposed to exterminate the
entire German General Staff, thousands of people, after the war.

Eisenhower, in his personal letters, did not merely hate the Nazi
Regime, and the few who imposed its will down from the top, but that HE
HATED THE GERMAN PEOPLE AS A RACE. It was his personal intent to destroy
as many of them as he could, and one way was to wipe out as many
prisoners of war as possible.

Of course, that was illegal under International law, so he issued an
order on March 10, 1945 and verified by his initials on a cable of that
date, that German Prisoners of War be predesignated as "Disarmed Enemy
Forces" called in these reports as DEF. He ordered that these Germans
did not fall under the Geneva Rules, and were not to be fed or given any
water or medical attention. The Swiss Red Cross was not to inspect the
camps, for under the DEF classification, they had no such authority or

Months after the war was officially over, Eisenhower's special German
DEF camps were still in operation forcing the men into confinement, but
denying that they were prisoners. As soon as the war was over, General
George Patton simply turned his prisoners loose to fend for themselves
and find their way home as best they could. Eisenhower was furious, and
issued a specific order to Patton, to turn these men over to the DEF
camps. Knowing Patton as we do from history, we know that these orders
were largely ignored, and it may well be that Patton's untimely and
curious death may have been a result of what he knew about these
wretched Eisenhower DEF camps.

The book, OTHER LOSSES, found its way into the hands of a Canadian news
reporter, Peter Worthington, of the OTTAWA SUN. He did his own research
through contacts he had in Canada, and reported in his column on
September 12,1989 the following, in part:

" is hard to escape the conclusion that Dwight Eisenhower was a war
criminal of epic proportions. His (DEF) policy killed more Germans in
peace than were killed in the European Theater."

"For years we have blamed the 1.7 million missing German POW's on the
Russians. Until now, no one dug too deeply ... Witnesses and survivors
have been interviewed by the author; one Allied officer compared the
American camps to Buchenwald."

It is known, that the Allies had sufficient stockpiles of food and
medicine to care for these German soldiers. This was deliberately and
intentionally denied them. Many men died of gangrene from frostbite due
to deliberate exposure. Local German people who offered these men food,
were denied. General Patton's Third Army was the only command in the
European Theater to release significant numbers of Germans.

Others, such as Omar Bradley and General J.C.H. Lee, Commander of Com Z,
tried, and ordered the release of prisoners within a week of the war's
end. However, a SHAEF Order, signed by Eisenhower, countermanded them on
May 15th.

Does that make you angry? What will it take to get the average apathetic
American involved in saving his country from such traitors at the top?
Thirty years ago, amid the high popularity of Eisenhower, a book was
written setting out the political and moral philosophy; of Dwight David
Eisenhower called, THE POLITICIAN, by Robert Welch. This year is the
107th Anniversary of Eisenhower's birth in Denison, Texas on October 14,
1890, the son of Jacob David Eisenhower and his wife Ida. Everyone is
all excited about the celebration of this landmark in the history of
"this American patriot." Senator Robert Dole, in honor of the Commander
of the American Death Camps, proposed that Washington's Dulles Airport
be renamed the Eisenhower Airport!

The UNITED STATES MINT in Philadelphia, PA is actually issuing a special
Eisenhower Centennial Silver Dollar for only $25 each. They will only
mint 4 million of these collector's items, and veteran's magazines are
promoting these coins under the slogan, "Remember the Man...Remember the
Times..." Pardon me if I regurgitate!

There will be some veterans who will not be buying these coins. Two will
be Col. James Mason and Col. Charles Beasley who were in the U.S. Army
Medical Corps who published a paper on the Eisenhower Death Camps in
1950. They stated in part:

"Huddled close together for warmth, behind the barbed wire was a most
awesome sight; nearly 100,000 haggard, apathetic, dirty, gaunt,
blank-staring men clad in dirty gray uniforms, and standing ankle deep
in mud ... water was a major problem, yet only 200 yards away the River
Rhine was running bank-full."

Another Veteran, who will not be buying any of the Eisenhower Silver
Dollars is Martin Brech of Mahopac, New York, a semi-retired professor
of philosophy at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY. In 1945, Brech was an
18 year old Private First Class in Company C of the 14th Infantry,
assigned as a guard and interpreter at the Eisenhower Death Camp at
Andernach, along the Rhine River. He stated for SPOTLIGHT, February 12,

"My protests (regarding treatment of the German DEF'S) were met with
hostility or indifference, and when I threw our ample rations to them
over the barbed wire. I was threatened, making it clear that it was our
deliberate policy not to adequately feed them."

"When they caught me throwing C- Rations over the fence, they threatened
me with imprisonment. One Captain told me that he would shoot me if he
saw me again tossing food to the Germans ... Some of the men were really
only boys 13 years of age...Some of the prisoners were old men drafted
by Hitler in his last ditch stand ... I understand that average weight
of the prisoners at Andernach was 90 pounds...I have received threats
... Nevertheless, this...has liberated me, for I may now be heard when I
relate the horrible atrocity I witnessed as a prison guard for one of
'Ike's death camps' along the Rhine." (Betty Lou Smith Hanson)

Note: Remember the photo of Ike's West Point yearbook picture when he
was dubbed "IKE, THE TERRIBLE SWEDISH JEW"? By the way, he was next, or
nearly so, to the last in his class. This article was first printed in
1990, but we thought it was meaningful to reprint it now.

Note: During Cadet Eisenhower's time at West Point Academy, Eisenhower
was summoned to the office of the headmaster and was asked some pointed
questions. At the time, it was routine procedure to test a cadet's blood
to insure White racial integrity.

Apparently, there was a question of Eisenhower's racial lineage and this
was brought to Eisenhower's attention by the headmaster. When asked if
he was part Oriental, Eisenhower replied in the negative. After some
discussion, Eisenhower admitted having Jewish background. The headmaster
then reportedly said, "That's where you get your Oriental blood?"
Although he was allowed to remain at the academy, word got around since
this was a time in history when non-Whites were not allowed into the
academy. Note - The issue of Eisenhower's little-known Jewish background
in academically essential in understanding his psychopathic hatred of
German men, women and children.

Later, in Eisenhower's West Point Military Academy graduating class
yearbook, published in 1915, Eisenhower is identified as a "terrible
Swedish Jew."

Wherever Eisenhower went during his military career, Eisenhower's Jewish
background and secondary manifesting behavior was a concern to his
fellow officers. During World War II when Col. Eisenhower was working
for Gen. Douglas MacArthur in the South Pacific, MacArthur protested to
his superiors in Washington (DC) that Eisenhower was incompetent and
that he did not want Eisenhower on his staff.

In 1943, Washington not only transferred Col. Eisenhower to Europe but
promoted him over more than 30 more experienced senior officers to five
star general and placed him in charge of all the US forces in Europe.

Thus it comes as no surprise that General George Patton, a real Aryan
warrior, hated Eisenhower.

[Ed: Patton was keen to fight the Soviets, and reportedly kept some
German units ready to move against the Soviets...unsurprisingly he was
killed; after the war, in a 'car crash,' just like Lawrence of Arabia
was conveniently bumped off, in a similar manner, for his 'pro-fascist'

From George

Finally, the truth about Ike. He was a zionist!, a racist! and a
slaughterer of innocents! He was always these things. And all anyone
remembers is his famous quote "to beware of the military/industrial
complex." Like this knowledge means he was a great precient prophet,
when he was really a part of the NWO and helped set the US up for all
that followed. The tooling jobs and industry started to leave the US in
the early '50's, when Ike got into power. It was Japan they were
building. Notice the difference between the destruction of Japan and the
quick buildup of the Philipines and Japan and the Pacific the US took
over, after the war of hegemony to steal the wealth of the Pacific Rim
and present day Afghanistan, Iraq etc., now that the zionists rule the
'world'. The zionist essence is evil, destructive and self-destructive.
Ike was a tool of the zionist evil essence.

German POW's Diary Reveals More Of Ike's Holocaust

Note - The following diary extract has been provided by the nephew of
the author under the conditions we honor his request for anonymity. -ed

A transcript of my Uncle's words...from my Mother's diary:

"Suddenly an American Jeep moved towards us and several American
Soldiers surrounded us. There was no officer in charge, and the first
thing the 'Amis' did - they liberated us, I mean, from our few
valuables, mainly rings and watches........ We were now prisoners of
war- no doubt about it!

The first night we were herded into a barn, where we met about 100 men
who shared the same fate. To make my story short, we were finally
transported to Fuerstenfeldbruck near Munich. Here we, who were gathered
around Hermann, interrupted him and gasped in dismay.

Fuerstenfeldbruck had become known to us as one of the most cruel POW
camps in the American zone.

Then my brother continued:

Again we were searched and had to surrender everything, even our field
utensils, except a spoon. Here, in freezing temperature, 20,000 of us
were squeezed together on the ***** ground, without blanket or cover,
exposed day and night to the winter weather.

For six days we received neither food nor water! We used our spoons to
catch drops of rain.

We were surrounded by heavy tanks. During the night bright searchlights
blinded us, so that sleep was impossible. We napped from time to time,
standing up and leaning against each other. It was keeping us warmer
that sitting on the frozen ground.

Many of us were near collapse. One of our comrades went mad, he jumped
around wildly, wailing and whimpering. he was shot at once. His body was
lying on the ground, and we were not allowed to come near him. He was
not he only one. Each suspicious movement caused the guards to shoot
into the crowd, and a few were always hit.

German civilians, mainly women of the surrounding villages, tried to
approach the camp to bring food and water for us prisoners. they were
chased away.

Our German officers could finally succeed to submit an official protest,
particularly because of the deprivation of water. As a response, a fire
hose was thrown into the midst of the densely crowded prisoners and then
turned on. Because of the high water pressure the hose moved violently
to and fro. Prisoners tumbled, fell, got up and ran again to catch a bit
of water. In that confusion the water went to waste, and the ground
under us turned into slippery mud. All the while the 'Amis' watched that
spectacle, finding it very funny and most entertaining. They laughed at
our predicament as hard as they could. Then suddenly, they turned the
water off again.

We had not expected that the Americans would behave in such a manner. We
could hardly believe it. War brutalizes human beings.

One day later we were organized into groups of 400 men .... We were to
receive two cans of food for each man. This is how it was to be done:
The prisoners had to run through he slippery mud, and each one had to
grab his two cans quickly, at the moment he passed the guards. One of my
comrades slipped and could not run fast enough, He was shot at once ....

On May 10th , several truckloads of us were transported the the garrison
of Ulm by the Danube..... As each man jumped into the truck, a guard
kicked him in the backbone with his rifle butt.

We arrived in the city of Heilbronn by the Neckar, In the end we counted
240,000 men, who lived on the ***** ground and without cover.

Spring and summer were mild this year, but we were starving. At 6;00 am
we received coffee, at noon about a pint of soup and 100 grams of bread
a day........

The 'Amis' gave us newspapers in German language, describing the terrors
of the concentration camps. We did not believe any of it. We figured the
Americans only wanted to demoralize us further.

The fields on which we lived belonged to the farmers of the area...soon
nothing of the clover and other sprouting greens were left, and the
trees were barren. We had eaten each blade of grass.....

In some camps there were Hungarian POW's. 15,000 of them. Mutiny against
their officers broke out twice amongst them. After the second mutiny the
Americans decided to use German prisoners to govern the Hungarians.
Since the Hungarians were used as workers they were well fed. There was
more food than they could eat. But when the Germans asked the Americans
for permission to bring the Hungarians' leftovers into the camps of the
starving Germans, it was denied. The Americans rather destroyed surplus
food, than giving it to the Germans.

Sometimes it happened that groups of our own men were gathered and
transported away. We presumed they were discharged to go home, and
naturally, we wished to be among them. Much later we heard they were
sent to labor camps! My mother's cousin, feared that he would be drafted
into the Hitler Youth SS, he volunteered to the marines, in 1945 his
unit was in Denmark. On April 20th they were captured by the Americans.
his experience in the POW camp was identical that of my brother's. They
lived in open fields, did not receive and food and water the first six
days, and starved nearly to death. German wives and mothers who wanted
to throw loaves of bread over the fence, were chased off. The prisoners,
just to have something to chew, sc****d the bark from young trees. my
cousins job was to report each morning how many had died during the
night. "and these were not just a few!" he adds to his report he wrote me.

It became known, that the conditions in the POW camps in the American
Zone were identical everywhere. We could therefore safely conclude, that
it was by intent and by orders from higher ups to starve the German
POW's and we blamed General Eisenhower for it. He, who was of German
descent could not discern the evildoers during the Nazi time from our
decent people. We held that neglect of knowledge and understanding
severely against him.

I wish to quote the inscription on the grave stones of those of my
German compatriots who have already passed away:

We had to pass through fire and through water. But now you have loosened
our bonds.

The Jewish-controlled mass media never stops telling the world about the
six million Jews who died in World War II. While scientific research has
conclusively disproved that pack of lies, news of the REAL holocaust -
of three million Germans AFTER the war's end, is now emerging.

How three million Germans died after VE Day -- Nigel Jones reviews After
Reich: From the Liberation of Vienna to the Berlin Airlift by Giles

Giles MacDonogh is a bon viveur and a historian of wine and gastronomy, but
in this book, pursuing his other consuming interest - German history - he
serves a dish to turn the strongest of stomachs. It makes particularly
uncomfortable reading for those who compare the disastrous occupation of
Iraq unfavourably to the post-war settlement of Germany and Austria.

MacDonogh argues that the months that followed May 1945 brought no peace to
the shattered skeleton of Hitler's Reich, but suffering even worse than the
destruction wrought by the war.

His best estimate is that some three million Germans died unnecessarily
after the official end of hostilities. A million soldiers vanished before
they could creep back to the holes that had been their homes. The majority
of them died in Soviet captivity (of the 90,000 who surrendered at
Stalingrad, only 5,000 eventually came home) but, shamingly, many thousands
perished as prisoners of the Anglo-Americans. Herded into cages along the
Rhine, with no shelter and very little food, they dropped like flies.

Others, more fortunate, toiled as slave labour in a score of Allied
countries, often for years. Incredibly, some Germans were still being held
in Russia as late as 1979.

The two million German civilians who died were largely the old, women and
children: victims of disease, cold, hunger, suicide - and mass murder.

Apart from the well-known repeated **** of virtually every girl and woman
unlucky enough to be in the Soviet occupation zones, perhaps the most
shocking outrage recorded by MacDonogh - for the first time in English - is
the slaughter of a quarter of a million Sudeten Germans by their vengeful
Czech compatriots. The survivors of this ethnic cleansing, ***** and
shivering, were pitched across the border, never to return to their homes.
Similar scenes were seen across Poland, Silesia and East Prussia as age-old
German communities were brutally expunged.

Given that what amounted to a lesser Holocaust was unfolding under their
noses, it may be asked why the western Allies did not stop this venting of
long-dammed-up rage on the (mainly) innocent. MacDonogh's answer is that it
could all have been even worse. The US Treasury Secretary, the Jew Henry
Morgenthau, favoured turning Germany into a gigantic farm, and there were
genocidal schemes afoot to starve, sterilise or deport the population of
what was left of the bombed-out cities.

It was Realpolitik, not humanitarian concern, that caused a swift shift in
western attitudes towards their former foes. Fear of Communism spreading
into the heart of Europe, and the barbarities of the Russians - who
kidnapped and killed hundreds of their perceived enemies from the western
zones of Berlin and Vienna - belatedly made the West realise that they had
beaten one totalitarian power only to be threatened by another.

Although MacDonogh roundly condemns all the occupying powers, the British
emerge with some credit. Apart from one Air Marshal who looted art
treasures; and an MI5 interrogator nicknamed 'Tin Eye' Stephens who ran a
private torture chamber, British hands may have been grubby, but were not
deeply blood-stained.

For the real TRUTH about ZHIDS, visit the world top-rated website

Now with more evidence coming out proving ZHID COLLABORATION
WITH NAZIS - another 51 cases besides the renowned Kastner case -
no wonder people around the world are really disliking the
Christkiller ZHIDS!!

Or, other useful websites include:
Stormfront -
Edgar J.Steele -
THE HOFFMAN WIRE - Dedicated to Freedom of the Press,
Investigative Reporting and Revisionist History
Yggdrasil's White Nationalist Library -
American Renaissance -
Campaign for Radical Truth in History -

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