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1 25th April 14:52
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Default False hope of biofuels causing millions to starve!

Biofuel production will contribute to the avoidable deaths of at least
between 10 and 20 million people in the year 2008. Economists
estimate that 30 million people could be going hungry in Bangladesh
alone. 4 billion humans live in poverty, and biofuel production will
push millions of the poorest families into the clutches of death,
thanks to our leaders turning mountain's of food into fuel. Unless
the biofuel bandwagon is stopped, by the year 2020 the world will be
diverting 400 million tons of grain each year into ethanol production,
which is equal to the entire current global rice harvest. There have
been food riots in 22 countries, and 33 nations face political
instability as staple food prices have risen 83% in the last 3 years
according to the World Bank. Biofuel production is equivalent to a
new tax on food that starves the poor in order to feed money to rich
agricultural corporations.

German Development Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul stated that
production of biofuels is "30 to 70% responsible for the rapid rise in
food prices." Bill Clinton stated that "What's really hurting the
food markets is America moving into ethanol." Oil price increases
have not shrunk the human food supply, but biofuel production has!
The more biofuels we produce, the less food we have to eat, because we
grow biofuel crops, even switchgrass, using the same land, water,
fertilizer, farm equipment, and labor we use to grow food. New
studies show that ethanol from cellulose (switchgrass, wood chips,
crop waste, etc.) will never been economically viable, so biofuels are
a dead-end technology.

Every year humans burn the equivalent of 400 years worth of total
planetary vegetation in the condensed form of fossil fuels. How are
we going to replace all that concentrated biomass energy by growing a
relatively small volume of biofuel crops on our overpopulated, fresh
water starved planet? How are America's homeless, the elderly, the
disabled, veterans, and all those living on low fixed incomes going to
survive 14 more years of rapid food price inflation created by the
Bush-Pelosi biofuel plan?

Ethanol blended fuels burn cleaner on a per gallon basis, but not on a
miles traveled basis, because ethanol contains 30% less energy than
gasoline and thus yields very poor gas mileage. Biofuel production
causes water pollution and water shortages, erodes topsoil, tortures
wildlife, and numerous studies have proven that biofuel farming speeds
global warming by releasing massive amounts of greenhouse gases, so
why are US and EU politicians still falsely claiming that turning our
own food into fuel is good for the environment?

Biofuels facts and better alternatives at:

Christopher Calder
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2 25th April 14:52
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Default False hope of biofuels causing millions to starve!

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3 25th April 14:52
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Default False hope of biofuels causing millions to starve!

Biofuels need to be outlawed. Motorists shouldn't buy them!
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4 25th April 14:52
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Default False hope of biofuels causing millions to starve!

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit propaganda launched by the
oil cartel.
I just returned from a vacation in Brazil, where there's plenty of food and
biofuel. They have been using ethanol since the seventies, and Sao Paulo, a
city of 15 million people, is a breath of fresh air compared to Los Angeles.
The world's problem with food shortages can be cured by throwing Clinton,
Bush and their likes in prison, where they belong! When that's done, all
other countries will be able to spend the money on food and biofuel
production, instead of missiles and war planes, to defend themselves against
the American terror.
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