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1 7th March 07:37
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Default Shia - Sunni clash in Baltistan

Moronic followers of non existent cruel Allah would rather
wage war on each other than live in peace as atheists.

"Sectarian bomb ticking in Gilgit"

New Delhi, July 8. (UNI): Gilgit in Pakistan-controlled Northern Areas
is sitting atop a sectarian bomb, which is ticking away, according to
a leading Pakistani newspaper.

The Shia community is up in arms in the area that has seen much
sectarian tension since the time General Zia-ul Haq sent Sunni
'lashkars' to put the fear of God in Shias, according to a report in
The Friday Times.

The sectarian tensions go back to 1988 when riots broke out in the
area over the sighting of Ramadan moon resulting in the killing of 300
people officially and 700 unofficially.

The newspaper said the present tension was due to the objection by the
Shia community to Islamiat textbooks.

The issue, simmering for three years now, had acquired more ferocity
in the last one year.

''The issue is unresolved for last three years. The government has
failed to address it to our satisfaction. The textbooks (Islamic
Studies) promote Sunni thought and totally neglect ours. We want the
books redesigned or the consequences will be extremely dangerous,''
warned Agha Ziauddin Rizvi, Imam at Gilgit's Imamia Mosque.

The Shia community leaders said the Islamiat textbooks have been
deliberately distorted to promote sectarian hatred between the two

''The distortions are not only limited to Islamic Studies but are also
highlighted in textbooks of other subjects such as Urdu, History,
English and even the drawing books. I do not advocate elimination of
Islamic Studies from the curriculum but I want them purged of all
controversial and inflammatory material,'' he told the newspaper.

A senior Education Ministry official said the government had taken
note of the issue and was doing its best to review and re-write the
textbooks but possibly could not design a separate curriculum for

''The Shia leaders are demanding a separate curriculum for their sect.
This is impossible. It will further aggravate the scourge of
sectarianism,'' he added.

His views are backed by a Shia scholar, Amin Shaheedi.

''A separate Islamiat curriculum will create more dissent. It is no
solution. We should have a consensus syllabus acceptable to all
sects,'' he said.

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