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1 30th May 08:24
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Default Violations of Press and Expression Freedom in turkey

Violations of press and expression freedom in brief

Journalists detained at Habur border gate

On 28 January, the correspondents with the daily Star Irfan Sapmaz and
Mehmet Özer were detained at Habur border gate on the grounds that they had
tried to pass Northern Iraq via illegal means. (Özgür Gündem-TIHV, February
4, 2003)

A Journal Confiscated in Istanbul

Istanbul SSC ordered the confiscation of the weekly "Communist", published
by the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) on the allegation that an article
contained "propaganda for illegal organizations". (***huriyet-TIHV,
February 4, 2003)

Investigation Against a Book

The public prosecutor at Istanbul SSC started an investigation against the

(Evrensel-TIHV, February 4, 2003)

A new pressure on a condemned journalist

Nevzat Onaranıs membership of Contemporary Journalists Association (ÇGD)
has been canceled. Ankara Governorate reportedly sent a warning letter
dated 15 November 2002 to ÇGD stating that since Onaran was sentenced, his
membership should be cancelled according to Law on Associations. The trial
launched against artist _anar Yurdatapan and Contemporary Journalists
Association (ÇGD) _stanbul Branch Chairperson Nevzat Onaran in connection
with the booklet "Freedom to Thought-38" had been concluded at the General
Staff Military Court on 1 February 2000. The Military Court had sentenced
Yurdatapan and Onaran to two months in prison, each. When journalist Koray
Düzgören and artist Nilüfer Akbal were sentenced to two months in prison
for publishing the booklet "Freedom to Thought-9" which included a
statement of conscientious objector Osman Murat Ülke, the booklet had been
re-published with the title "Freedom to Thought-38." The Supreme Court had
upheld the sentences against Düzgören and Akbal, but the sentences had been
postponed for 3 years under the "Law on Postponement of the Crimes
Committed Via Press", which is numbered 4454. (Evrensel-TIHV, February 5,

Journal Confiscated in Istanbul

The last edition of the journal Isçi Köylü was confiscated on the orders of
Istanbul SSC on the allegation of disseminating separatist propaganda.
(Evrensel-TIHV, February 5, 2003)

Journalist Güler Yildiz Convicted

Court of Cassation quashed the verdict against Güler Yildiz, former
editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Cinar" that appears in Mersin. She was
sentenced twice to 10 months' imprisonment and a fine of TL 600 million for
an introductory article on the "Soldier's Book" (Mehmetin Kitabi) written
by Nadire Mater. Mersin Criminal Court No. 1 passed the first verdict based
on Article 159 TPC on 21 June 2001. Following changes to Article 159 TPC
the 9th Chamber of the Court of Cassation had quashed the sentence. The
second verdict was passed at the end of the hearing on 24 June 2002. Court
of Cassation quashed the verdict for the same reason. Nadire Mater and the
publisher of the book, Semih Sökmen, had been acquitted on 2 October 2000.
(BIA-TIHV, February 6, 2003)

Journalists on Trial in Istanbul

On 7 February Istanbul Penal Court of First Instance concluded the case of
Celal Baslangiç, journalist with the daily "Radikal", and the
editor-in-chief Hasan Çakkalkurt on charges of insulting the army with
acquittal. Celal Baslangiç testified at the hearing and said that the
article was based on a speech given during a panel on forced migration in
Van. The case against Enis Berberoglu, also journalist with the daily
"Radikal", was concluded with acquittal at the same court. The case was
launched for an article of 10 June 2002 under the title of "Susurluk
Coolation: Enemy of the EU". (Evrensel-TIHV, February 8, 2003)

Journalists on Trial in Diyarbakir

On 6 February, Diyarbakir Criminal Court No.2 continued to hear the case of
the executives of the local TV station Gün TV in Diyarbak¸r. The court
decided not to be responsible to hear this case. Executives, Baki Demirhan,
Nevzat Bingöl, Osman Özsat, Zafer Gür and Semsettin Yildirim are charged
with insulting the armed forces for playing the song "De Xalo" (Uncle) on 4
October 2001. Meanwhile, managing director Cemal Dogan was fined TL 34
billion 285 million because of 11 songs played within the last two months.
The fine was reportedly due to violation of the Article 9/2 of the Law on
Cinema, Video and Music Productions. Dogan stated that since they have not
received the list of banned songs from the Ministry of Culture, he would
not pay the fine. (Özgür Gündem-TIHV, February 8-11, 2003)

Journalist Sinan Kara Released

On 7 February Sinan Kara, owner of the local newspaper "Datça Haber", was
released. He was arrested on 26 December. On 15 November an arrest warrant
had been issued against him, because he had not paid a fine of TL 30
billion (around $ 20,000). The execution of the sentences had been
postponed for one month. He had been sentenced to three monthsı
imprisonment for not sending two issues of the newspaper to the governor of
Datça. (***huriyet-TIHV, February 8, 2003)

Journal and Book Confiscated in Istanbul

The 48th edition of the journal "Ekmek ve Adalet (Bread and Justice)" was
confiscated by Istanbul SSC on the allegation that some articles "incited
people to hatred and enmity". The novel named "Kasirga Taburu (Hurricane
Battalion)" was confiscated by Istanbul SSC on the allegation that the book
aimed at "aiding an illegal organization". (Evrensel-TIHV, February 20,

Journalist Ilyas Emir Convicted

The Court of Cassation approved the sentence of fine given to the
editor-in-chief of the journal Güney Ilyas Emir. On 8 July 2002 Istanbul
SSC convicted Ilyas Emir under Article 169 TPC for an article in the
journal entitled "Don't Stop Talking or You Will Be The Next". He was
sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment and the journal was closed for 7 days.
The term of imprisonment was commuted to 6 billions and 477 millions TL
fine. (Özgür Gündem-TIHV, February 21, 2003)

Radio Manager and Speaker on Trial

On 25 February, Istanbul SSC concluded the case of Seyfullah Karakurt,
manager of the radio station "Anadolu'nun Sesi (Voice of Anatolia)" and the
speaker Selda Demir on trial in connection with programs on the F-type
prisons. The court acquitted the defendants from charges of "aiding an
illegal organization". (TIHV, February 26, 2003)

A Journal Confiscated

The 49th issue of the journal Ekmek ve Adalet was confiscated on the
grounds that some articles contained propaganda of an illegal organization.
(Evrensel-TIHV, February 27, 2003)

Journalist Attacked by Right-Wing students

In a press conference in Antep branch of Human Rights Association (IHD)
Gökhan Imrek, journalist with the daily "Evrensel", announced that he was
beaten by a group of rightist students including their leader Yunus Uzunlar
in the campus of Antep University on 26 February. (Evrensel-TIHV, February
28, 2003)
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2 1st June 02:07
External User
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Default Violations of Press and Expression Freedom in turkey

Giving the names of people who brushed with the law in Turkey without
giving the full court cases and any credible and independent reference
only serves the agenda of Armenian anti-Turkish hatred industry of
which the son-of-a-bitch "Roman" is a thug.
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3 2nd June 01:00
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Default Violations of Press and Expression Freedom in turkey

He, he...faultynutty = abnorman = pigmacnlies = assinservitude. Do you
really think any civilized person cares what a harebrained turd like you
thinks, believes, comments, posts? But my posts make people think about

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