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1 29th May 17:14
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Default 1980 Olympic Zimbabwe Field Hockey gold medal team

1980 Olympic Zimbabwe Field Hockey gold medal team

Women's Team Championship (July 31)
1. Zimbabwe
2. Austria
3. U.S.S.R.

The women's field hockey team from Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, won
that nation's first Olympic gold medal, defeating Austria 4-1 in the
final game. The Zimbabwe team was all-white, but a racially-mixed
group of fans cheered "Zimbabwe! Zimbabwe!"

ABC News Transcripts
July 31, 1980 Thursday
[ZIMABABWE TEAM CHEERING] If anyone had told the members of the
Zimbabwe women's field hockey team 2 months ago that they would end up
winning gold medals here in Moscow they wouldn't have believed it.
They weren't even suppose to go to Moscow, but when the American led
boycott wiped out most of field hockey entries, Zimbabwe, the new
nation borne out of the turmoil of Rhodesia, became a last minute
substitute. No one could have predicted what happened. Zimbabwe
swept through 5 games undefeated and with a 4-1 victory over Austria
today, clinched the first Olympic medal in Zimbabwe's brief history.
A glistening gold. Rhodesia in all its history had never won such a
prize and to celebrate while the Zimbabwe players drank champagne,
Zimbabwe's fans sang an old Zulu song. [SONG BEING SUNG] Russia may
have won more than 60 gold medals in these games but all those medals
created no more joy than one medal for Zimbabwe. **** Schaap, ABC
News, Moscow.

The Washington Post
August 3, 1980
A taste of the new Zimbabwe came the other day when the country's
women's field hockey team won a gold medal at the Moscow Olympics.
The team is all white, but their victory chant was, "Forward with the
rooster," which is Mugabe's party slogan.
Mugabe sent a congratulatory telegram addressed to the "daughters of
Zimbabwe," and the minister of sports promised them each a gift of an
ox when they arrived home.

Field Hockey
Men's Team Championship (July 29)
1. India
2. Spain
3. U.S.S.R.
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