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1 2nd September 03:10
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Default 95 2500 Diesel with the "Dodge Click" from Starter

I did some back searching and found a few old articles on this topic
but need some more detailed info. I get the "Dodge Click" when I turn
the key switch over and nothing happens. I wait a bit and try again
and it will often start on the second try. I go out and clean (wire
brush) all terminals, posts, cables, boots, reconnect and spray with
clear lacquer to seal from air and it works ok for about one week and
then the Dodge Click again.

Dealer wants about $500 to replace starter and solenoid.
Old article says plunger on starter dosent contact both contacts
intermittently and causes the dodge click, he says he replaced the
contacts for about $12 but gives no details. He mentions that auto
electric guy told him Mopar starters have this problem.

Anyone else replaced these contacts in your starter? Do you need any
special tools? How long does it take? What are the tests I need to
do to make sure it has been done properly? How much are the parts?
Did it solve the Dodge Click problem? Is Mopar the only make of
starters/solenoid used on 95 dodges?

Thanks and hope you dont get the dreaded Dodge Click on your truck.
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