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1 23rd September 16:29
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Default '93 Dakota, trouble codes 12,55 sitting for 8months

I have a 1993 Dakota LE that, 8 months ago, the tensioner for the belt
broke off and I just got around to replacing it today. It has been sitting
there for 8 months with out being started. After replacing it tensioner,
belt and the air filter (a family of mice had made a home around the outside
the filter) I tried to start it up and it wouldn't do anything. Most of the
lights were pretty dim so I pulled my wife's car up next to it and tried to
give it a jump. The lights were much brighter and it looked like the battery
had a good charge. This time when I turned the key it could heard a clicking
from the engine. Any ideas what that could be? Did I just not give it enough
time to fully boost or could it be something more dire?

When the old tensioner broke off it went down with some force and
knocked the lower radiator hose off, I have replaced that as well. The
Ignition Coil is right behind the tensioner, I'm wondering if it's possible
it may have gotten damaged at the same time.

What is the Trouble Code 12? I have heard it is "Battery feed to ECM"
I have also heard that it is basically the "Begin error codes" like the 55
code is "end error codes" which is correct?

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone may be able to offer.

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