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1 3rd June 02:01
art harrington
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Default AM radio noise and static

I have a 97 Dodge Ram 1500, Pioneer radio Sat/read with no amp and a Sirous
Tuner. I can't even listen to the AM due to alot of background noise. I
noticed that when I start traveling above 45 mph the noise somewhat
disipates but when I start slowing down or stop it comes back. The noise is
more noticeable on certain channels. I was able to get rid of this problem a
few weeks ago but now it all of a sudden apeared again. Also when I plug my
cell phone into my cigarette lighter and charge it, it also makes background
noise both on FM and AM. The noise DOES NOT get worse or get louder when I
step on the gas. It remains about the same whether im on the gas or not.
Also when listening to FM I can hear a tiny bit of background noise,
especially when listening to talk radio. When listening to the Sirius tuner
it's as clear as day with no noise what so ever. I just changed the plugs.
Any suggestions?
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