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1 19th November 06:08
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Default Hard Starting 2004 Hemi

Bought a new 2004 Ram 2500 three months ago. It has the 5.7L Hemi with
about 3400 miles on it.

I have noticed that occasionally it will not start right away after a short
stop like to pick up some butts or getting gas. It will crank
enthusiastically, but will not fire up. It has always started on the third
or fourth try through.

Last Friday was different. It ran fine all day, but then would not start
after a 15 minute stop.
It then would not start after many attempts over a 5-6 minute period.
Finally, it fired up and ran fine.

The next morning I noticed the check engine light was on, so I delivered it
to the local Dodge dealer.
An hour ago I got a call from the service manager saying they can't
duplicate the problem, so they can't fix anything. I asked him to keep
looking because it obviously is not right.

The truck has had it's first service (an oil change) and was also checked
for a recall related to the ECM connector. All was fine. The problem
exhibited itself before this check, so I don't think it has anything to do
with it.

I know I am going to get a final call telling me to pick up the truck
because they can't find anything wrong with it. I also know it is going to
happen again and again and again.

Anybody have any ideas?

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2 19th November 06:08
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Default Hard Starting 2004 Hemi

Had a similar problem with my 02RAM1500 4.3L. It would not start and the
check engine light would come on. The dealer could not find any problem and
the computer was not spitting out any trouble codes. They finally reset the
computer and all is well so far.
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3 19th November 07:25
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Default Hard Starting 2004 Hemi

8><- - -

I get the idea you took it to the same dealer I used to go to. Dallas Dodge
in GA.
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4 19th November 07:46
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Default Hard Starting 2004 Hemi

No, I bought the truck in MA, but currently am in Florida.

As I suspected, the service advisor at the dealership here in FL called this
morning and told me that the computer says nothing is wrong with the truck.
They had just checked it again with the engine cold and everything is within
factory specs. Although I have a Chrysler service contract that I purchased
with the truck that covers a rental, he advised me that I would not be
covered and will have to pay for the rental because they could not find
anything wrong. Ok.

So, I go to pick up the truck which was parked out in the lot. One of the
employees went out to get the truck for me. As I watched her start it, a
big black cloud of smoke bellowed out of the exhaust, then quickly cleared.
The smoke was black - like a diesel starting - not blue or white.

I turned to the service advisor who was standing beside me and asked if he
saw the smoke.
He had not, of course.

I think there is something wrong with the fuel shut off or something that is
allowing raw fuel to enter the engine cylinders after you shut the truck
off. The result is basically a flooded engine until it can burn off the
excess fuel, causing hard starting and black smoke.

Problem is - unless the dodge diagnostic computer reads a fault code, they
can't do anything.
When the engine is running, everything is fine. My problem is when the
engine is shut off, I think, and the computer has no way of sensing it.

Oh, well.

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5 19th November 08:21
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Default Hard Starting 2004 Hemi

I had the same thing happen with my 04 Hemi.. I have learned to hold the key
until it starts and not just a quick flip of the starter... because I had
the MIL come on when that happened. I just disconnected to battery to reset
it.. It must load up on fuel and flood itself if it doesn't start right
away. What also worked for me is to turn the key back to the off position
and then try again.

Just my 2 cents

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6 19th November 08:21
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Default Hard Starting 2004 Hemi

In article <9yFDb.2090$>, says...

Sounds like you might have a bad injector, one might not close all the
way, the black smoke means there's fuel laying in there.

You might want to park it, and maybe videotape it cold starting after a
long sit. Do it three times and show them the tape. I had a Camaro do
the same thing once, the "extra" injector, one that runs when it's cold
to richen it up was leaking really badly. No codes were ever seen when
they checked it. I taped it starting cold a half a dozen times and they
finally cleaned the injectors and that fixed it.

Some dealers are really stubborn about this kind of thing. My Jeep had a
horrible vibration in the front end when I hit frost heaves or uneven
pavement. The dealer insisted that the steering stabilizer wasn't bad,
and didn't need to be replaced. The front end was checked by three
different places, and nothing was found. I finally went ahead and did
replace it, and the problem was solved. A couple of weeks later, the
service guy told me that they had another couple of Grand Cherokees come
in with the same problem, and they replaced the stabilizer on them, and
fixed it.

Good Luck

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7 19th November 08:54
External User
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Default Hard Starting 2004 Hemi

Have you tried to drive it around awhile, then go park it at the dealer and
have him come out and try to start it? (of course, it would prob start)

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8 19th November 14:18
External User
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Default Hard Starting 2004 Hemi

You should be able to switch the key through three cycles of on off on
off on and read the fault codes on the odo display. Look up the codes
in the Factory Service Manual or here:
If the MIL light came on it set a code.
Since you did not know how to look you do not know if there was or was
not a code set so now you are paying the rental cost.
I will bet that the cost of the FSM book will be less than the rental
car cost to find this problem at the rate you are going. The stupid
and the ignorant ALWAYS pay more so get the FSM and get educated!
From my experience on this type of problem most of the time it is
1. The crankshaft or cam shaft pickup sensor.
2. A rusty connection in some connector.
3 A bad engine computer.
I would first read the computer fault codes and replace the low cost
stuff first.

This sounds sort of like the lady that just knew that her car did not
like her buying fudgy nut ice cream.
If she drove to the ice cream store to get fudgy nut ice cream her car
would not start but if she got vanilla the car would start and there
was no problem.

The difference was it took a longer amount of time to scoop up the
fudgy nut and package it while the vanilla was pre packaged and the
car did not sit and heat soak as long.
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9 19th November 14:18
External User
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Default Hard Starting 2004 Hemi

Oh Man, "da guy's" gonna be all over you for calling a poster on here
Doncha know if the poster wanted a "mechainc" or to actually "fix" his problem
he wouldn't have posted on here????

I'll start watching reality TV shows, when I can vote people off the planet.
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10 19th November 14:19
External User
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Default Hard Starting 2004 Hemi

On 21 Dec 2003 06:27:41 GMT, (RedNeck TookOver

oh relax "red". your gonna give yourself a goiter. nice to see you
back on line, your date with your mom end early?
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