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1 10th November 16:26
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Default Pinging 1998 360 engine

I have a 97 Ram 2500 with the 360. I rarely ever hear any pinging and
generally run 87 octane. Despite what some experts say, when I tow my 25'
travel trailer, I tend to use 89 or 93 octane because it feels like I get a
little better performance and fuel economy. This would make sense since
today's engine management systems would then provide more advance if it can
be done without knock. This summer, over a 2-1/2 week period, I used my
truck for towing more than not, and therefore I was continually using at
least 89 octane. I stopped for gas along I-84 in NY, and got sticker shock
at the pump. I filled my near empty tank with 87 octane, pulled back onto
I-84 with trailer in tow, and immediately wondered if I would make it up the
next mountain, and if I would burn a piston in the process. Since the
pinging usually is minimized in my truck by turning more rpm, I dropped into
2nd gear for a long climb. After that high rpm climb, I never heard another
knock the rest of the trip! This leads me to believe that the engine
management system is in fact capable of adusting the engine for fuel,
altitiude, etc. and mine is doing the dob. I have 85,000 miles on mine as
well, and it has never needed anything but normal maintenace. I do run a
"complete fuel system" additive several times a year.
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2 11th November 06:26
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Default Pinging 1998 360 engine

The 5.9L control system does not have the ability to "adjust." for knock as
there is no knock sensor system. Sometimes it is possible for a bout of
knocking to dislodge depoits in the chamber and on the piston which will
pass into the exhaust and reduce the hot spots that were intiaiting the

As for a high mileage 5.9L or 5.2L which is knocking, there have been
several TSBs to the dealers informing them of the potential for intake
manifold pan and end gaskets allowing oil to leak into the intake manifold.
The octane number of oil is extremely low compared to fuel and causes the
pinging/knocking. Time to find a new dealer!
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