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1 19th January 10:42
roger rabbid
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Default ***mins in a Dodge Van?

You might be able to stuff a 4BT into the van. It's shorter but just
as tall as the 5.9. The BT is nearly identical to the 5.9 except it's
only a 4 cylinder and with a little searching around you could
probably pick one up cheaply out of an old curbside delivery truck.
Freightliner put tons of those engines on chassis coupled with Allison
transmissions that would easilly adapt to a dodge van. the BT is good
for about 190 hp but don't expect neck snapping performance out of it
unless you jack with the pump and turbo. They're solid reliable
(albiet industrious noisey little beasts) performers and deliver tons
of chips and snack foods and uniforms daily The nice thing about
the bt is it's relationship to the 5.9.. they sound the same when
running Hope this helps!

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2 19th January 10:42
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Default ***mins in a Dodge Van?

If you go back far enough Jeep used them (4BT) in some of their trucks
in late 60's and early 70's. One of those rebuilt would be a simple
and reliable old motor.
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