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1 13th June 14:20
tim apple
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Default TR: Windmill Lake, TX (bass bream snook)

Spent the morning at Windmill Lake in LBJ National Grassland today. It was my
first time there. Unlike most Texas lakes, I saw very little to no weeds,
though the Fort Worth Fly fishers sure did throw in allot of structure. There
are submerged brush piles all over the lake. Though most seem to be on the
south side of the lake. On the south side it reminded me of watching people
fish for snook on TV, it was real thick with trees and plants leftover from
before this spot was a lakeŠlooked like mangrove forests. The fishing was
real slow it seemed. Every place that looked like it should hold fish was
bareŠthough I caught two bream, but spaced far apart. I just couldnıt seem to
find the fish. I did get one large bassŠ.Iım guessing to weigh in the 3-5
pound range. Not sure though, I donıt think Iıve caught many largemouth over
a pound. The thing dang near took my 6wt from me a couple times though. Iıll
post a picture after I scan it. He was a personal best for me. I caught him
right in front of the parking area about 50 yards out, where you can see the
last couple of brush piles reaching into the lake. Other than that I couldnıt
find fish to save my life. I was fishing on top and below the water surface.

Oh well, it was enjoyable either way. The restrictions on the lake (
flyfishing only, no motors, barbless or crushed barb only) basically gave me
the lake to myself. Not a soul out there. I stopped at Clear Lake nearby and
there were 5 boats on it. Iıll defiantly go again in a couple of weeks or so.
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2 13th June 14:20
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Default TR: Windmill Lake, TX (float)

Sounds like you had a great day-beautiful weather. If you haven't already
checked this out, you might be interested in the following website:

All you need to know about float tubing.
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