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1 10th July 18:00
lazarus cooke
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Default Ceviche

The origin of 'escabeche' is easy enough, coming from the Hispanic
Arabic assukkabag, from Arabic sikbag (unfortunate transcription for
airplane travellers - looks better in arabic) and related to the
Persian sekba.

The arabic and persian both mean simply 'meat stew with vinegar', and
the thing about it is that it's cooked.

There's a translation of a 13th Century Andalusian (ie Arabic) recipe
for Sikbaj at

The etymology of 'ceviche' is controversial. Some people believe that
it derives originally from the Latin 'cibus' (food), some say it's
from the Quecha word for the dish 'siwichi', but many Peruvians
(including Gaston Acurio somewhere) believe that it is indeed derived
from 'escabeche de cebolla' (onion escabeche).

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