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1 4th March 05:02
john lindsey
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Default New 2004 Materials (fly)

What new fly tying materials are out this year? Seems that razor thin foam
sheets, artificial fibers, stretch laces, colored cones and weights are out.
Anybody notice anything else of interest?

Any new killer fly that uses new material or different material or old
material in a new way?

Good luck!
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2 4th March 05:02
External User
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Default New 2004 Materials (fly)

The latest and ultimate new fly tying material is a nanotech
RNA-mimicing material that replicates in perfect replica any insect that
it touches, whether it be a nymph, dun, or spinner. This stuff is

Cut "to the chase" for my email address.
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3 4th March 17:55
svend tang-petersen
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Default New 2004 Materials

My local show is comming up in two weeks, so I havent had much of a chance to
except what is being advertised in FlyTyer. However in the past Ive bought my
share of
fancy materials and find that most of them seem to attract fishermen more that
fish. Most
of them usually end up somewhere at the bottom of one of my boxes with
materials and a
few have longer lasting value like micro fibbets, Medallion sheeting and
various kinds of
flash materials for saltwater patterns.
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4 4th March 17:56
larry l
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Default New 2004 Materials (fly)

"Svend Tang-Petersen" <>

.. However in the past Ive bought my


IMHO, ( attach all suitable disclaimers :-) design is problem solving,
great design is elegant, simple, solution to problems.

Design starts ( or should ) with defining the problem, NOT with defining the
materials to be used ( unless the problem is selling the material ;-).
When a tiers "problem statement" is "How do I use this material I bought to
produce a valuable pattern." the cart is before the horse, yet we all do
that, at times.

I make no claim to "always" achieving these goals, but, for me, the two most
"maturing" decisions I've made as a fly fisher are to try and

1) Decide what fly to tie on, before opening the fly box
2) Decide what to imitate, and the various qualities the fly must have to do
so, before choosing materials, buying new ones, or even starting to design a
new pattern.

Both these put defining the problem in the correct order, imho. And both
force observation and, hopefully, a more accurate definition of that

I have dozens and dozens of packages of "cool stuff" that I'd be happy to be
rid of, ... all a***ulated before I realised that I proceeding bassackwards.
Only a very few of the real "special" products have found a useful place in
my tying kit, 99% just take up space, make it harder to find what I really
need, and represent money that could have been used on a fishing trip.

It's very easy to become a slave to what we "own." In this case of new
materials, once you're stuck with it, maybe spending hours trying to make it
have real value, even using up time that could have produced simple,
working, patterns. This, then, could lead to a trip to the "destination
shop" to unnecessarily spend and buy "working patterns and old standards"
...... and maybe some more "cool new stuff" ... continuing the cycle <g>
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5 4th March 17:56
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Default New 2004 Materials

I've got alot of "junk" too. But it is fun to try new stuff. Like you I
end up rejecting most of it but I have found some good stuff by trying
new materials.

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