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1 4th November 13:10
wayne harrison
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Default Tonights journey to the Lehigh

they are simply one of god's mistakes. i have gained a considerable
reputation as a bad outlaw from shooting every one i find, in and out of the

wayno (well, yeah, there might be more than *one* explanation for the
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2 4th November 13:49
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Default Tonights journey to the Lehigh (trout)

They're delicious. At least take them home and eat them. Filet from
the y bone on down and ignore the top back, if you don't like fooling
with the small pieces.

Waste. Wanton waste. Let the raccoons forage for berries, as god or
somebody intended.

Of course I come from a state where the present rule is that you eat
it or release it for even the squdgiest of bottom dwellers.

rbc:vixen,Minnow Goddess,Willow Watcher,and all that sort of thing.
Often taunted by trout.
Only a fool would refuse to believe in luck. Only a damn fool would rely on it.
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