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1 27th April 02:08
bob la londe
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Default Weigh In Scales

We had a guy drop in here a while back and spam some tournament scales.
I've also seen some advertised at a number of fishign websites. The sure
seemed awfully expensive to me.

I know inflation is bad, but I recall the first digitasl stainless food
grade scale we bought for the meat department in my parents grocery store 25
or 30 years ago when digital technology was brand new at that level was
about half the price of what I had seen on line.

Now I realize that inflation being what it is... there is a huge difference
in the value of money. However, you also have to realize that digital
technoloy is an order of magnitude cheaper than it was back then. My dad's
first digital calculator was almost $300 dollars. Now one with a solar
battery charger is so cheap they give them away as business promotional

All that being said I just could not bring myself to believe a tournament
scale should start at nearl $800 for a basic model.

Sure I admit that making it water resistant should add a little bit. So
does making a quality measuring device. Still... I know a couple of the
other local tounament directors (since one of them has been letting borrow
his scale for Yuma Pro Am), and they told me about Equalizer Scales. Half
the price and a decent unit for their base model. It turns out that is what
all the local organizations use. Better yet they are based right here in
Arizona, although not in Yuma.

I started this post by complaining about a spammer so I won't post a direct
link, but if anybody is interested you can find them real quick by doing a
Google search for Equalizer Scales.

Bob La Londe - Webmaster

Tornament Director

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2 27th April 02:08
jerry barton
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Default Weigh In Scales

My old fishing club used Equalizer Scales with an outstanding warranty
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