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1 6th November 06:17
kenneth blevins
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Default Youth size reel (reel)

Hello group
My grandson is 4 yrs old [ almost 5]and has been casting a Johnson Century
in the back yard for over a year.His casting distance is about 40 -50 feet
consistence but the century reel is to heavy and to large for him to use
for any length of time.Also he has to use both hands to cast.I have bought
him several [kid] snoopy type outfits but he gets frustrated with the bad
line pick up .Any suggestions on a good combo that is sized for children. I
know he's mine but man is he getting the hang of casting. Look out Van Dam
Ken Blevins
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2 6th November 06:36
bob la londe
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Default Youth size reel (rod)

How about a Zebco 33 Classic. Its cheap and reliable. Load it with 10lb
Spiderline Super Mono XX and he should be able to cast a mile.

If you don't like the Spider line you can go with Trilene XL 8lb and get
great castability.

Remember that the quality of the line and its feshness will greatly affect
its castability and its take up.

As for a rod to go with it that depends on what you plan to fish for. A
Quantum medium / medium light in 6'6" would be a decent compromise.

Bob La Londe
Yuma, Az
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3 6th November 06:36
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Default Youth size reel (reel)

My son has good results with a shakespeare ugly stick, it's 4.5 -5 foot
pole, two piece. I forget the reel thats on it though/ I'll have to check.
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4 6th November 08:07
chris rennert
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Default Youth size reel (reel)


If you wanted to get him started with a baitcaster (it might be a little
early) there Shimano Bantam 100B is excellent. I usually see it sold to
women more than children (who wants to pay $120 for a reel for a kid just
learning). It is nice and small. I own a couple of them I use for
crankbaits. I have small hands so it is nice when you are throwing them all
Again the price tag is up there, but just thought I would pitch in my 2

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5 6th November 09:07
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Default Youth size reel (reel)

I just saw a small reel at wal-mart. A Zebco Baby Rhino RL3. Looks like
a small version of the zebco 33.
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