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1 27th October 17:29
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Default 1972 Johnson 9.5 Sea Horse, special - 50th anniversary edition .

Has very low hours since new. Spent most of its long life in a warm closet.

I am wondering how hot is the water supposed to be that comes out the pee
hole. It seems to be really hot. like a fresh coffee temperature, almost hot
enough to burn you. I put in a new impeller, and a new thermostat, and it
seems to run ok, but I am concerned that the water coming out is so darn
hot. I have flushed the motor out with a hose from every different hole I
can find, and they all seem to pass water just fine. Am I just paranoid?

Also, I am mixing my gas/oil at 50:1. is this correct? or should it be 35,
or even 25:1. Is this maybe why I have such a hot temperature ?

Getting frusterated at not being out fishing.........

Any help/info would be greatly appreciated.

Pictures at
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