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1 24th August 07:55
chicago paddling-fishing
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Default 2001 E350 Van front end shake

: Have a 2001 E350 Van, 110K - new brakes, rotors, bearings, tires,
: alignment, front end checked buy 2 technicians and is very good. Drive
: at any speed the steering wheel shakes. It seems to stop if driving
: around a sharp curve, right or left. I know another person with the
: same problem and he said that he was nerver able to find out what was
: causing it to happen. Anyone had this problem. Thanks.

I have a E350XLT, same year... I had vibration when braking but new rotors
fixed it... Make sure you have a good alignment and get good tires. I stopped
using the goodyears after the Ford tech said mine had dryrot... Now I have
a set of Michilins LT4/X(LT4 on the back, LTX on the front because they
stopped making the LT4 and I replaced them in pairs). I picked them based on
the rating at tirerack... the goodyears it came wiht weren't rated very high

I love my van, and with only 70k miles on it, I expect it to last for as long
as I need a large van (my last payment on it is this month...) Its the
extended version and I can carry a portable basketball set in the back with the
doors closed... great cargo capacity...

John Nelson
Chicago Area Paddling/Fishing Page
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2 24th August 09:05
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Default 2001 E350 Van front end shake

We realy like this van, but the shacking side to side is a real
mistery. We have checked everything. Other than the small side to side
steering wheel shake, the van is great.

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