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1 18th May 21:44
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Default Newer F250 6-speed for towing

Just browsing the Ford site I noticed that a 6-speed manual transmission
instead of a 5-speed comes standard. Usually an automatic transmission is
recommended for towing ( especially in the half tons ) but how about the
newer 6 speed in the ford 3/4 ton? Does it have a granny low first gear and
is it durable enough for heavy towing ( say 6-7000 1bs ) ? The powerstroke
diesel comes with an "HD" six speed. What is the difference between the HD
six speed and the regular six speed that comes with the gas engines?

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2 19th May 03:57
john t marshall
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Default Newer F250 6-speed for towing

For one thing, the 6.0L PSD puts out 560 lb-ft of torque.
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3 19th May 04:00
michelle p
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Default Newer F250 6-speed for towing

I have not towed anything that heavy with the truck yet. However, I can
tell you what I know. It does have a six speed transmission. 1-6, I
refer to it as 0-5. 1st gear is a "granny" gear. Lots of torque to the
wheels for getting moving. You can also opt for a 4.1 rear end. I have
5.4l gas engine with a 3.73 rear end.



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4 19th May 10:33
adrian holt
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Default Newer F250 6-speed for towing
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5 19th May 16:01
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Default Newer F250 6-speed for towing

I have a 2000 PSD 6-speed. Granted it is a 7.3 instead of the more powerful
and more efficient 6.0 but to comment on the transmission (which is likely
identical) it is awesome! I am a die hard gearjammer, the last 5 trucks I
have owned have been stick shift and this one is without a doubt the best
transmission I have ever driven. As Michelle stated there is a granny gear
which on my shift pattern is labeled "L" and then there is 1st - 5th. "L"
is a great off-roading gear when you really want to "crawl" in tight, tough
or limited visibility 4-wheeling situations. It is also useful for starting
up a steep grade when you are towing. I have done a lot of towing with this
rig and the upper five perform wonderfully for all normal around town and
highway towing work. I pull a travel trailer that weighs about 5,000lbs.
and have no trouble pulling in 5th gear at highway speed (65+). From my
place in Pasadena, MD (just south of Baltimore) I pulled to Lancaster, PA
using cruise control full time on the highway, 5th gear, AC for the whole
trip. There are a number of decent grades between here and there and this
rig only dropped cruise control on two of them. It drops the cruise if it
looses 5mph below set speed.

God Bless,

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