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1 6th March 00:47
lynn mcguire
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Default soft brake pedal on 2005 expedition

I just had the brake pads replaced front and rear at my dealer,
Helfman Ford. At 63K miles for the first time. I took it in
because my brake pedal was getting soft and they told me that
the back pads were shot. They also turned my rotors.

Now after 1,000 miles my brake pedal is getting soft again. Do
I need to have them:
a) bleed the brakes again
b) replace the brake fluid
c) replace the brake rotors (how much $$$)
d) do all above ?

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2 6th March 00:47
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Default soft brake pedal on 2005 expedition

If the pedal was firm as it should be after the brakes
seated with a few miles of driving and then became soft or
mushy again, it is likely you are getting air in the lines
or master cylinder somewhere. If there are no indications
of fluid leakage it is quite possible that the master
cylinder is drawing air through the rear seal even if it is
not visibly leaking fluid. If there is fluid wetness below
the master cylinder on the front face of the booster, that
is the likely source of air ingestion. It is also possible
that some air has at some point gotten trapped in the ABS

Another cause of brake softness is pad kickback which does
not involve air in the system. This is where a hub or axle
is moving excessively or a rotor is badly warped causing the
pads to retract excessively leaving excessive brake released
clearance from the rotor surface. This calls for checking
and adjusting the spindle bearings or the axles for axial
thrust. Excess play or thrust can be caused by a failed
bearing. In any case, you need the system thoroughly
checked by a qualified brake technician to determine and
correct the cause. If you do not trust the dealer, get a
recommendation from a trusted and knowledgeable friend or
co-worker. The life you save may be mine.

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