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1 25th December 20:46
mountain mike^^
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Default Sticking brakes on f250

Hello! I was wondering if anybody here could give me a little advice?

Here's the deal. I bought this 1994 F-250 sight unseen in Seattle on e-bay.
Wise? Time will tell. The seller didn't lie. But he isn't a mechanic either.
So far, it's been fine after I did all the major maintenance chores (plugs,
wires, o2 sensor, fluid changes, a bit of paint work, etc.....) I also
traded my bro-in-law the camper for a set of American Racing Al wheels in
exchange for the camper that was on it. An Arrow, I think.

Anyway. He knows a guy that owns a tire shop. So....we meet up there and get
all the tires/wheels changed out. I keep all my tires. Front 2 are new
Coopers.I split the bill ($100), and drive home.

I put my hand on the wheels (front) and they are hot! Very hot. Brakes? I'm
also hearing a slight noise from the front left, kinda scraping sound. What
gives? I research the wheels. They came off a 1992 Dodge 4X4 3/4 ton truck.
The offset is the same. The size is the same. The bolt pattern is the same.
But the center hole on the Al wheels are about 1/4" larger than the stock
Ford ones which fit fine on his Dodge. This may be a factor (probably not)
in this question. I'm wondering if I need a wheel expert now..........

Anyway, I pull off the left front wheel. The rotor will barely turn by hand.
Right side is the same, but no noise. I take off the left front caliper, and
find that the rotor looks good, the pads look new, I have no hint of heat
damage. BUT, they were very tight. Very hard to take the calipers off even
with them all the way pushed in. After they were off, the rotors spun
freely. So, what gives? The truck had a brake job 10K ago. But also 4 years
ago. I need a diagnosis.

Is the left rotor warped, thereby causing the noise I heard? Maybe amplified
by removing the stock wheel and hubcap? I *did* hear a slight noise while
driving back 1000 miles, but didn't smell any heat. I also feel a pulsation
while driving at low speeds. I plan on replacing the fluid anyway, and doing
what is required.

The caliper is back on now, the front is on jack stands. I'm wondering what
is the best course of action......If I turn the rotors, to get more
clearance (assuming it needs it to turn rather free) will that fix it? I
suspect that all the parts are new, and maybe too tight? Or is there a valve
somewhere that makes the front brakes too tight? Maybe a bind in the
caliper? Re-build them? I've done a few brakes, but I've never seen a rotor
this tight. You can turn it by hand, but barely. Remember, I drove this
thing 1000 miles home with no (apparent) problems.

I'm sure there is a more seasoned hand at this than me, and would appreciate
any suggestions.

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2 25th December 20:47
david m
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Default Sticking brakes on f250

On Sun, 03 Sep 2006 15:16:47 +0000, Mountain Mike^^ rearranged some
electrons to form:

Replace the brake hoses. They may be going bad on the inside.

David M (dmacchiarolo)
T/S 53
sled351 Linux 2.4.18-14 has been up 4 days 13 min
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3 25th December 20:48
the other kevin in san diego
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Default Sticking brakes on f250

Yep. Had the same problem on a Suburban I used to have..
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